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Paul Simon forgot all lyrics - seriously

from Bodo , 2012-06-13

Incredible, just before the Graceland 2012 tour started, Paul Simon has forgotten his info. It could be that we will not hear or see anything from this tour. Paul-Simon.info now needs your help to make this the best tour ever, so picture every minute of his concerts, send us his setlists, dates, sizes, charts and meal menues.


Thandiswa Mazwai joins Graceland tour

from Bodo , 2012-06-16

Cape Town – South African musician Thandiswa Mazwai is set to perform with Paul Simon on his Graceland 25th Anniversary Tour in Europe in July.

The performance coincides with the release of the 25th Anniversary Edition of the famous album sees Mazwai performing with Simon on the song Under African Skies.

The 25th Anniversary Tour kicks off in Dublin on 12 July.

According to a statement, the Zabalaza singer will jet off to New York on Friday to headline the Pan Jazz 2012 taking place at the Lincoln Centre in New York on Saturday.

Hot young musicians

Thandiswa will be in the US until mid-July and hopes to use the time overseas to make preparations for the recording of her new album with some of New York´s ´hot young musicians´.

She is also featured in the current issue of Vogue Italy as part of the magazine´s ´Focus on Africa´ feature that includes a photoshoot with Thandiswa in Camps Bay.

One of the highlights of the Graceland 25th Anniversary Tour will be a show in Hyde Park, London, on Sunday 15 July in front of an expected crowd of 50 000 fans.

Other South African artists participating in this project are, among others - Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Ray Phiri, Barney Rachabane and Cape Town-born multi-instrumentalist Tony Cedras.

The tour will move from Dublin and London, onto Brussels, Amsterdam, Herning in Denmark, Stockholm, Oslo and then Bergen in Norway throughout July.


2 new albums on their way

from Bodo , 2012-06-16

The latest news from Paul say he is already working on 2 new albums.

He´s not finished. Simon is wrapping up a duets album with his wife, singer Edie Brickell (´It´s a variant of Americana, a cross between the Carter Family and swamp,´ he says), and starting a new solo album.
´I´m watching the clock and thinking I´d like to continue to write while I still have all my powers,´ Simon says. Asked about a new tour with former partner Art Garfunkel, Simon showed his famous poker face you have probably seen on the last cover of the Las Vegas magazine. It all might depend on the full recovery of Garfunkels voice.
We have already heard one of the upcoming songs from Edie Brickells and Paul Simons duet album about a month ago, so it is pretty clear what musical direction it will be. So it is really good to hear that Paul is also working on solo stuff again recovering complete new spaces on his journey.

Paul talks a lot about writting and recording new material in the last months, so it is somewhat unclear if the 2012 Graceland tour will be expanded to more countries. While in 2011 Simon gave 85 concerts (the most since 1991) he seems to step back a little bit from that heavy tour scedule this year and take a rest for recording new material.

Hugh Masekela joins Paul at Hard Rock Calling - July 15

from Bodo , 2012-06-22

Hard Rock International and Live Nation have today confirmed that Hugh Masekela will join Paul Simon on stage at London’s Hard Rock Calling on Sunday 15 July to perform the groundbreaking ‘Graceland’ in its entirety, a UK first since 1987.

Thats really exciting news, this puts together all living legends from the Graceland tour 1987/1989 now.

Hugh Masekela is also touring this summer, at least 3 concerts are confirmed (one on July 21 in London), so this might be the only show on which Hugh Masekela joins Paul on stage.

Remeber these old news, something that never happened:

Band for Graceland tour complete

from Bodo , 2012-06-28

The tour band for the 2012 Graceland tour in Europe will include nearly all living members of the historical 1987/1989 tour. That means beside Bakithi Kumal (bass) and Tony Cedras (keyboards) the band will be completed by Ray Phiri (guitars), Isaac Mtshali (drums) Barney Rachabane (saxophone) and John Selolwane (guitar).
Also Ladysmith Black Mambazo will join Paul on all stages and Hugh Masekela at least in London and maybe in Dublin. Miriam Makeba (we miss you) will be replaced by South African singer Thandiswa Mazwai.

The concert will be divided into two set´s. The first set will be played by Pauls usual touring band (Mark, Vincent, Jim Oblon, Bakithi, Tony, Andy,...), the second set will be the entire Graceland album (don´t count on All around the world...).

LBM and Hugh Masekela might have their own short setlists between Paul Simons songs (I guess), Jimmy Cliff should join Paul in London and they are supposed to play a few Jimmy Cliff songs too.

If one counts together all those stars you might believe this would become a 4 hour show... well let´s see.

Win a DVD - Journe of Dreams by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

from Bodo , 2012-06-29

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