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from Juanfunkel , 2011-04-03

According to the newspaper ´El Pais´, Paul Simon will perform in July in Spain. More
information, please visit my website: http://www.paulsimon.zobyhost.com
In the section ´News´
We could be facing Paul´s first visit to Spain in 20 years, is a joy!

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Garfunkel predicts S&G Tour For Late 2011

from Håkan , 2011-04-04

Taken from: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/art-garfunke

Art Garfunkel says his voice is ´slowly coming along´ and predicts that he´ll be able to hit the road again with Paul Simon soon -- possibly even before the end of the year.

´Late 2011 -- I feel in my bones, in my cells, that that´s the scenario,´ Garfunkel tells Billboard.com during a conversation about the duo´s just-released Bridge Over Troubled Water: 40th Anniversary Edition. ´Give me a little more time. At the rate the voice is coming back, I should be in pretty good shape by, as the corporations say, the fourth quarter of 2011.´ No dates have been booked yet, however.

Simon & Garfunkel scratched a series of North American dates on their Old Friends tour in 2010 after Garfunkel was diagnosed with vocal cord paresis. Since then he´s been healing with vocal exercises, steam, gargling and other treatments, including voice warm-up tapes sent to him by friends.

´I´m being challenged by the Lord to have patience, real patience,´ Garfunkel says. ´It´s coming along slowly, painfully, excruciatingly slow. I try and stay off the subject and not bemoan anything. But I´m never going to give up on my crusade to return to the stage...I swear to you we´ll do those dates.´

Simon -- who´s releasing a new album So Beautiful or So What, on April 12 and touring to support it starting April 15 -- is solidly in Garfunkel´s corner ´in the nicest, sweetest way. He knows you don´t want to press anything, healing is about relaxing. He called me a few weeks ago and said, ´When you´re ready, I´m very happy to bring the guitar around the house and let´s try ´The Boxer,´ let´s warm up, let´s see where we´re at. So he´s definitely rooting seriously for me...It shows you the core of Simon & Garfunkel is a thing of beauty.´

So, Garfunkel says, is Bridge Over Troubled Water, the 1970 release that spent 10 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, spawned four Top 20 hits (´The Boxer,´ ´Cecilia,´ ´El Condor Pasa (If I Could)´ and the title track), has gone eight-times platinum and won five Grammy Awards. ´It´s alive and well,´ Garfunkel says of the set. ´It´s not one of those albums that´s faded in its glory. It´s a record that´s full of variety... Each new tune comes out of left field compared to the one before it. That´s why it continues to appeal to people, I think.´

Garfunkel is particularly happy with the DVD that comes along with the 40th anniversary edition of the album, which includes a new documentary, The Harmony Game: The Making of Bridge Over Troubled Water, as well as Songs of America, a controversial CBS TV special that aired on Nov. 30, 1969, and has remained in the vaults ever since.

´I´ve been loving it for years,´ Garfunkel says, ´because it´s got sort of a liberal political stance. It´s got teeth, and it´s so of-the-time that I thought it has innate appeal. And I thought any fan of ours is going to really see the vibe between Simon and Garfunkel, how we hung out, how we riffed with our Lenny Bruce sense of humor in the back of a car and how songs developed sitting on the end of a bed in the Holiday Inn. You can see how Paul and Artie go together. It´s innately interesting.´

While he´s healing his voice, Garfunkel has also been working a book, a memoir of sorts that he says is ´coming along´ and will deal with all aspects of his life. ´I´ve been cooking along... being poignant, getting the reader to feel touched, like, ´This guy´s got something to say,´ Garfunkel notes.

My Show

from Juanfunkel , 2011-04-06

I give you the link of my acting, singing and playing Mrs Robinson:


This concert was held in early 2010 and was a concert in tribute to Simon & Garfunkel. The concert was played: Slip Slidin Away-America-The Boxer-Bridge-The Sound of Silence, Mrs. Robinson and Cecilia.
I hope you enjoyed and that you put your comments


Paul charts in Austria

from matthewsemple , 2011-04-10

The Afterlife, the latest single from Paul Simon´s new album, So Beautiful or So What, has entered the i-Tunes chart at #84 in Austria. The single is only available on download, apart from a 1-track promo CD that has been sent to radio stations across Europe.

The chart position can be seen here:


Review The seattle times

from matt , 2011-04-17

Paul Simon at WaMu — one for the ages

Paul Simon, in the first salvo of his North American tour, delivered a show for the ages Friday, April 15, at Seattle´s WaMu Theater, mixing old favorites such as ´The Sound of Silence´ with songs from his brilliant new album, ´So Beautiful or So What.´

By Paul de Barros

Seattle Times arts critic



The set list from Paul Simon´s concert at WaMu, April 15, 2011.
Concert Review |

Paul Simon´s immaculate, inspiring, near-perfectly articulated two-hour concert at WaMu Theater on Friday, the opening salvo of his North American tour, was one for the ages.

At 69, Simon is still writing brilliant stuff — per his new album, ´So Beautiful or So What´ — even as he surveys a body of work that is the envy of any singer-songwriter.

Dressed in denim, green T and black overshirt with sleeves cut at the elbow, the diminutive, round-faced, silver-haired troubadour with the high, slightly melancholy voice coasted insouciantly over a delicious tangle of world rhythms created by a carefully-balanced eight-piece band.

The sold-out crowd greeted him with a standing ovation before he sang a note.

Simon projected the mood of an adult comfortable in his own shoes, enjoying the moment, looking back at life with sentiments both savory and skeptical and eagerly anticipating the future.

´Life is what you make of it,´ he sang with a shrug, in the title song of the new album. Its driving rhythm lifted the room to the first peak of many in an evening that began with a slightly cottony reserve but inexorably built to a climax with a slow burn.

Simon peppered the night with new work and old, dipping into ´The Sound of Silence´ (great Spanish guitar!) and ´Kodachrome,´ as well as Graceland favorite ´Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes,´ which got the boomer fans (some, with their kids) up on their feet and dancing.

But the new songs, such as the Blake-like vision ´Love is Eternal Sacred Light´ and the Hoagy Carmichael-inflected ´Love and Hard Times,´ with their Big Subjects (cosmology, God) were more than welcome. Simon handled them with a remarkably light touch.

When someone shouted, ´We love you!´ Simon responded, ´I used to love me, too,´ suggesting, perhaps, that humility is the key.

The concert celebrated the 20th anniversary of Seattle radio station KMTT 103.7 The Mountain, which the singer cordially congratulated, dedicating the touching ´Father and Daughter´ to Mountain program director Dave Benson.

The years have frayed Simon´s voice a tad. He carefully avoided some high notes and occasionally strayed off pitch, though his casual abandon was worth the trade-off.

Simon was pulled back for two encores, ending a sumptuous night with ´Late in the Evening,´ a sweetly unabashed foray in nostalgia — for youth and young love.

Paul Simon came in at No. 4

from tata , 2011-04-20

Foo Fighters top The Billboard 200 with Wasting Light this week, its first-week sales of 235,000 more than doubling the nearest competition.

Four of the top five slots on the Billboard charts went to debuts. Bluegrass group Alison Krauss & Union Station had their highest chart debut ever, as Paper Airplane entered at No. 3. Paul Simon came in at No. 4 with So Beautiful or So What, and Latin rock band Mana rounded out the top five with Drama y Luz, the group´s first new album in five years. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/idolchatte

Paul and Edie Brickell recording new album

from Bodo , 2011-04-28

It has been confirmed in a few recent interviews: Paul and his wife began recording a new album. They both had that idea since many years now, and it seems as if finally they found enough time and inspiration to start that project. Paul said in many interviews that his and his wife voice blend really perfect. Anyway, fans should be aware that this record might be a childrens-album. It will include songs that they sang for their children, some well known famous tunes, some songs that Edie wrote. Fans might remember their last appearance togehter (think in 2006), when they sang a funny song named : You´re the reason our kids are ugly.

This project has been planed since many years, but some years ago they asked their children if those private songs should be available to the public, or keept as their own songs. In the past the children might not have been happy with that idea, but they might have changed their mind (and maybe their own music style ,) )

Anyway, we think every new Paul Simon record is a real gift to his fans. Normaly a new album would take 5-6 years, but a recording with cover songs and already written tunes could see a release within the next 12-18 months.

Paul Simon Special on BBC Radio Two

from Hurricane , 2011-04-28

´You can call me Paul´

Jonhnie Walker meets Paul Simon - Bank Holiday Monday 18:00 - 19:00 (BST) on BBC Radio Two

´As he approaches his 70th birthday and prepares to release his 12th studio album in the UK, Paul Simon talks to Johnnie Walker about his long career in music.
It´s been over 50 years since Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel first troubled the charts with their pop hit Hey Schoolgirl, which was released under the moniker Tom and Jerry. Johnnie finds out how, at nearly 16 years old, Paul Simon found himself performing for Dick Clark on the hit TV show American Bandstand. The singer-songwriter went on to pen pop standards like Bridge Over Troubled Water, Mrs Robinson and You Can Call Me Al, and he was selected by Time Magazine as one of the ´100 People Who Shaped the World´.
Simon talks openly about his relationship with his father, his time in the UK during the 60s, his work with Art Garfunkel and immense solo success and, and the writing of his new album So Beautiful or So What.
The pair bond over the importance of family and Paul´s long-lasting love affair with rhythm and song-writing, during an interview which was recorded in Norwalk Connecticut during rehearsals for Paul´s 2011 tour.´ (Content from bbc.co.uk/programmes/b010rcmt)

Make a date with your wireless in the UK or an internet radio device outside these shores. If you miss the programme and are in the UK, it´ll be available for 7 days after broadcast on the BBC´s iPlayer.