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Paul Simon and Widnes on the BBC´s One Sho

from Ben , 2011-12-14

Paul Simon and Homeward Bound, and little old Widnes in Cheshire UK were mentioned on BBC The One Show last week.

I was invited to play and talk about Paul as I also play for the UK´s leading tribute to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, The Sounds of Simon.

The film was to commemorate Paul writing Homeward Bound in Widnes in 1965. He actually didn´t of course, as this film goes on to explain.

Interviewed in the film are Geoff Speed, who booked Paul for £12 to play at his club, and who Paul stayed with during his time in Widnes. The film catches up with Chris, who sang in Paul´s support act that night, The Black Diamonds. There is also some great archive footage of Paul on children´s BBC in the late 80s.

I got to pretend to be Paul, playing in the now disused Windsor Rooms in Widnes, which is where Paul played way back in 65.

Take a look at the film, it´s available here on youtube: