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Paul Simon may record with Bob Dylan

from Brenda , 2010-06-01

Pauls new album - hopefully released this fall - will maybe have a guest vocal appearance by Bob Dylan. Simon is thinking about asking Bob to sing a duet with him.

Meanwhile Paul Simon also changed his record company and is comming back home to Columbia records. Paul has been at Columbia from the early S&G time till 1980´s One trick pony, and left the company after some disputs.

With some luck this new deal, which combines all of Pauls work at one company now, we might have a chance for some interesting releases of Pauls early career...(?)

Central Park tribute for S&G

from Anna , 2010-06-13

S&G appeared at the 25th Summerstage Music Festival where 16 pairs of artists performed the songs of Simon and Garfunkel as duets.


At Rita Houston´s blog are 2 nice articles about the event, just scroll down, http://blog.wfuv.org/
Also nice pictures can be seen at gettyimages.com

S&G performed at Mike Nichols AFI Award

from Anna , 2010-06-13

S&G performed the song ´Mrs. Robinson´ at the AFI Lifetime Award for Mike Nichols.


Here are some pictures of the event.


S&G tour postponed indefinetly

from Bodo , 2010-06-18

Simon & Garfunkel have postponed their Canadian and U.S. tour, indefinitely. Tour promoter Live Nation says the tour is on hold as Art Garfunkel continues to recover from a vocal paresis (a weakness of one or both vocal folds which can cause hoarseness, shortness of breath and various other problems).

“According to his doctors, Art is expected to make a full recovery, however they cannot predict an exact timeline,” read a statement released Thursday afternoon. “This condition [paresis] inhibits the duo from performing shows at the highest possible level and it is for that reason and out of respect for their fans that Paul and Art have decided to put the tour on hold.”

The tour, originally scheduled for April, had been postponed until July, after Garfunkel experienced vocal problems opening night. The tour was supposed to resume July 3 in Vancouver.

“I do feel bad about disrupting so many people plans but, as I continue to mend, I can’t yet bring my ‘A Game’ to a tour,” read a statement from Garfunkel, “and I would not perform for you with anything less.”

Tickets can be refunded where they were purchased.


Paul receives award for Bridge

from Bodo , 2010-06-21

Songwriters Hall of fame honour Bridge over troubled water

NEW YORK – The iconic ballad ´Bridge Over Troubled Water´ was so stirring that even a young Paul Simon knew he was onto something special when he composed it 40 years ago.
´I thought, ´Hmm. That´s better than I usually write,´´ Simon recalled. ´I was completely surprised that I wrote it — it was completely unlike anything I had ever done before.´
On last Thursday, Simon´s magical moment — one of several in his long career — was honored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame in a ceremony