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Art Garfunkel Plans Return of S&G

from Rosie , 2010-11-06

Nov 05, 2010 12:04 PM EDT
Last summer Simon & Garfunkel postponed their North American tour indefinitely when Art Garfunkel was diagnosed with vocal cord paresis. But Friday the singer told Rolling Stone exclusively that he´s on the mend and hopes to reschedule the dates next summer. ´My voice is coming back slowly, too slowly,´ he said. ´In my bones I feel healthy. I know it´s coming back. I just have to be patient.´

Two and a half months ago Garfunkel quit smoking to help his voice recover. ´Two weeks ago my doctor put a camera down my nose into my throat,´ he said. ´He said ´I really like what I see. You´re in good shape, basically. All the apparatus is right. You will definitely be a singer and just fine again. You just have to have patience. You just irritated it with the heat of smoking until two and a half months ago.´´

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As of now Garfunkel has pulled all solo and Simon & Garfunkel dates, but in the spring he plans to be begin rehearsing again. ´That means that our tour of last summer will have taken a one year pause,´ he said. ´Think of me like Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies. In print I saw him say, ´I expect to be fully better around February or March.´ When he said that I thought, ´Maybe my vocal chord is like Jimmy Rollins´ hamstring.´´

Simon & Garfunkel reunited in 2003 for the highly successful Old Friends tour, and resumed it last year in Australia and Japan. ´I´m delighted in 2009 that Simon & Garfunkel was alive and well,´ said Garfunkel. ´I was touched. I really feel we´ve led a charmed life.´

From Rolling Stone http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/51942/23135

Paul Simon´s Christmas single

from Ans , 2010-11-22

The new single ´Getting Ready For Christmas Day´ is available for a free download on http://www.paulsimon.com/ and on http://www.facebook.com/paulsimon

It is also available on iTunes.

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