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Mrs Robinson affair exposed

from Matthew , 2010-01-10

In a bizarre case of life imitating art, the wife of Peter Robinson, the First Minister of Northern Ireland has been exposed as having an affair with a much younger man.

Mrs Robinson, aged 60, has admitted having an affair with a young man now aged 21 who she also helped to set up a restaurant business.

However it is much more than the Robinsons´ affair as controversy surrounding a loan of £50,000, that Mr Robinson failed to declare in the register of members´ interests, may cause Peter Robinson to have to resign from his position as leader of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Much of the press in the UK have been covering the story but few have made the link to the famous lyric, except for this news blogger:


S&G at New Orleans Jazz Festival

from Ans , 2010-01-13

Simon & Garfunkel will perform on the first weekend - April 23-25 2010 - on the New Orleans Jazz Festival.


Grammy performance BOTW

from Ans , 2010-01-28

Paul´s song BOTW will be performed at the 2010 Grammy Awards by Mary Blige & Bocelli. After the Awards it will be available to download and all proceeds will go the American Red Cross, benefiting ongoing earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. It is also 40 years ago that BOTW got a Grammy for Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year.