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Paul Simon plays Peter Gabriel?

from Håkan , 2009-09-01

From my local morning paper:

Peter Gabriel is working on a new album where different musicans interpret each other songs. Just the mixing of the album remains to be done.
Magnetic Fields, Paul Simon and Lou Reed are three of the artists.
- It will be very interesting to hear what they have done with my songs, says Peter Gabriel

It´s a bit confliccting news above. Either it´s a Peter Gabriel tribute album (which the last comment suggest) or it´s an album with, let´s say 12 artists, doing one song each from one of the others.

Paul urges health care reform

from Pam , 2009-09-17

Singer Paul Simon urges health care reform

(AP) – 19 hours ago
(There are pictures at the webpage)


WASHINGTON — Singer-songwriter Paul Simon tried to lend a little harmony to the raucous health care debate Wednesday by pushing for a health care overhaul with Democratic leaders of Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid couldn´t resist musical references in the appearance with the popular performer who advocates improving health care for children.

´If there were ever a bridge that we need over these troubled waters, it´s passing comprehensive health care reform,´ Reid said, describing how children have fared in the country´s health care delivery system.

´Bridge Over Troubled Water´ was a hit for the duo Simon & Garfunkel, written by Simon. Simon joined Reid, House speaker Nancy Pelosi and various child advocates to push for health care changes at an event on the Capitol lawn.

Simon co-founded the Children´s Health Fund, which provides medical care for poor and underserved kids. He said the fund believes a health care measure ´would go a long way to fill the gap in health care — the gap that these children live in and suffer in.´

Simon urged lawmakers to improve health care for children: ´Poor kids can´t vote. Neither can they afford to hire lobbyists to plead their cause or to describe their situation.´

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