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Ticketmaster scam Ticketsnow warning!

from Bodo , 2009-02-13

Warning! Do not buy any tickets from ticketsnow - a site advertised on ticketsmaster.com !

I received an email from a fan today, and I think I need to warn everyone now. She was very upset about the ticketmaster sales, and how she bought tickets way too expensive from the ticketmaster.com site. She paid $198 for a $79 ticket - and it seems as if this is the same company: Ticketmaster and Ticketsnow.

I will show you a picture of the ticketmaster site. Someone else recently tried to find Robin Williams tickets via ticketmaster, and got the message that no tickets are available - but hey, we have some from our partner company ticketsnow.

Click on the picture to enlarge

But it even get´s worse. I have read that other people which bought there tickets on the official ticketmaster.com site via ticketsnow could not get into the show. At the box office the people got told that these tickets seem to be bought from a scalper, and the venue will not honor these tickets!!

Read more:

It is unbelievable what is going on there in the USA. In my opinion this should reported to the artists too, and they should start doing something. I repeat: I can not understand how a company is allowed to earn 3 times as much on a ticket as the artist himself! And it seems as if ticketmaster is the ONLY company selling tickets for all events in the USA. Strange! Free market or communism?

If you talk to Paul Simon or one of his musicians in the future, maybe you can report that.

Amulet on Masterworks for Marimba vol. 1

from Ans , 2009-02-17

Paul Simon wrote the new song Amulet for ZMF New Music for Marimba. Paul is one of the 16 composers who accepted the ZMF New Music Commission. The new song Amulet will be included at the Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba vol. 1. Although the music is finished the lyrics remain to be written.

ZMF New Music is an initiative to generate 24 intermediate level marimba solos via a Commissioning Project, and Composition Contest. All 24 pieces will be published in two volumes called Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba, and recorded on CD. This project is sponsored by Zeltsman Marimba Festival, Inc.

A lot of information about this project can be found on the site of ZMF New Music for Marimba.


Art Garfunkel talks about a S&G tour

from homo.creativus , 2009-02-19

Five days after making a surprise appearance at a Paul Simon concert in New York where the pair performed three songs, Art Garfunkel said in a recent interview: “Our plan to work together is coming together but it doesn’t go through England this time,”
Garfunkel, 67, would not confirm if the tour would be in the US.

Personal mark:
Before people go nuts, I just want to inform you that Art Garfunkel said this or other sentences like that for several times in different newspapers in the last years - and nothing happened then. Read the sentence Art Garfunkel said carefully.


Paul Simon + Daniel J. Levitin

from Bodo , 2009-02-21

The Rubin Museum of Art has volunteered to act as tour guide for our unknowable inner world by organizing Brainwave, a festival devoted to the way we think.

Paul Simon brings his guitar in for an exchange with the neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin about how our minds process music (March 4),

Music on the Brain
Wednesday, March 4 at 7:00 p.m.

Twelve-time Grammy Award winner Paul Simon has a conversation with Daniel J. Levitin, the neuroscientist credited with fundamentally changing the way that scientists think about auditory memory. $25


- Note: I guess Paul will not play or sing at this event, but I could be wrong. It is listed under TALKS on the RMA homepage.

Paul: Possible Asian S&G tour

from Bodo , 2009-02-23

Paul Simon confirms in a short interview the possibility of a Simon and Garfunkel tour trough Australia, Japan and New Zealand. In this interview he also said he is sure that this will be their last tour. They promised to do Australia and Japan in 2004, but could not get around. So this is your last chance to see Simon and Garfunkel down-under.

See this short interview here:

Fans in Australia and Southeast Asia can be happy, because they are short on Paul Simon and S&G concert. The last time Paul played there was in 1991 at his Born at the right time tour, the last time S&G played in Japan was in 1993, and the last time the duo played in Australia was 26 years ago! So if you are a 1000% percent S&G fan you should take this last chance, plan your holidays in Australia, New Zealand or Japan to see them - even if you live 20.000 miles away.

Paul Simon at Stevie Wonder Tribute

from Ans , 2009-02-24

According to PBS Paul Simon will take part at the White House Tribute for Stevie Wonder this Wednesday.


Paul to appear on next Ziggy Marley album

from mog , 2009-02-28

Ziggy Marley will release his third solo album, Family Time, on May 5. The album will feature a variety of family and friends including Rita Marley (Ziggy´s mother), Cedella Marley (sister), Judah Marley (daughter), Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Willie Nelson, Toots Hibberts, Elizabeth Mitchell, Laurie Berkner, Paula Fuga and two stories narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis. This record represents my daily family life and is inspired by my three-year-old daughter Judah and baby Gideon. It was a joy to make and opened up new avenues in my creativity. Family Time is for all families and especially the world family.´ http://www.ziggymarley.com/ Note: Maybe even some (unnamed) members of Pauls talented family will appear on that record? We will see...