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Concert at the Beacon Theater

from Bodo , 2009-01-13

Paul will perform for 2 nights at the Beacon Theatre in New York - Dates are February 13 and 14. This information comes from Bakithi Kumalos website, the bass player in Pauls band. These are 2 special shows to celebrate the re-opening of the Beacon Theater after renovation.

Tickets to these celebrated performances will go on-sale starting at 9 AM on January 25,and will range from 80-265 USD

Rev Claude Jeter has died

from matthew , 2009-01-15

On January 11th 2009 Gospel singer Reverend Claude Jeter died, aged 94.

Jeter´s work was the inspiration for Bridge Over Troubled Water and he duetted with Paul Simon on Take Me To The Mardi Gras, singing the famous falsetto part.


Ethel Holloway passed away yesterday

from Bodo , 2009-01-28

Ethel Holloway was one of the 3 background singers from the Jessy Dixon Singers, she passed away on January 26 2009 in Chicago IL.

The Jessy Dixon have worked together with Paul Simon for many years, starting in the year 1972 when Paul saw them for the first time in a concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. From that time on Jessy toured with Paul for 8 years, and the sang on 2 albums with him (Still Crazy after all these years, Live Rhymin)

A very good story about their partnership can be found here:

The Jessy Dixon singers and Paul later appeared together occasionally on stage and sang the well known hit ´Loves me like a rock´ or ´Gone at last´. They also made a special appearance on Paul´s NBC special in 1978. On Pauls latest album ´Surprise´ they worked together in studio again for the last time on the lovely track ´Wartime prayers´

See Ethel Harroway singin ´I´m yours lord´ - RIP

Thanks to Queenie, the daughter of Aldrea Lenox, who informed us about this death. Aldrea Lenox too sang with Paul in the Jessy Dixon singers band.