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Live in Paris 2000 as CD/DVD set

from Bodo , 2008-11-01

Sight and sound will release the You´re the one live DVD concert from Paris 2000 within their classic performance line as a DVD+CD set again. So now everyone has the chance to hear these great live songs on their CD player. Although the most fans will not be very happy with the result, because the CD has been cut by a few songs down to 21 tracks. They did not include 2 CD´s for the ~125 minute show, they use only 1 CD and had to left out a few songs. Please watch out carefully - most online shops (including amazon) list a 26 track CD, which is wrong. The real list can be found on the back cover.

In the year 2000 it maybe was a big marketing failure of his management to release this concert only as a film material. They could have thought that it is more complicated to copy a full DVD, than to share the small mp3´s from a live CD, - and so sales would be higher. But now the circle closes an we get everything.

Here is a link to all amazon shops where you can order the CD.


Amazon: You´re the one DVD and CD set

Track list:
DVD - same tracklist as the Live in Paris DVD 2000 with 26 songs

CD - 21 Tracks.
´Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes´
´You Can Call Me Al´
´50 Ways To Leave Your Lover´
´Bridge Over Troubled Water´
´Still Crazy After All These Years´
´Darling Lorraine´
´The Coast´
´The Boy In The Bubble´
´American Tune´
´The Boxer´
´Late In The Evening´
´Hurricane Eyes´
´That Was Your Mother´
´I Am A Rock´
´You´re The One´
´Me &, Julio Down By The School Yard´
´Homeward Bound´
´The Teacher´

Mysterious Mrs. Robinson

from Bodo , 2008-11-04

I was so free to glue together all the pieces I could find from the short October 8 concert at the Town Hall in New York. Paul played 4 fabulous songs, only companied by Mark Stewart. Also including the new version of Mrs. Robinson with the Mystery Train intro. So you hear this song now as a guitar duet without a backing band.

I have found 3 videos on the web - thanks to Paul Fournier btw - and all 3 videos having recorded different parts of the song. So you might hear some changes in the sound, and I guess somewhere a few lines are lost (tell me if you find the position ,-)

Here is the song:


Mysterious Mrs. Robinson

American tune for Obama

from Bodo , 2008-11-04

It has been said that Paul gave his song American Tune to the Obama campaign for
use in an effective advertisement.

Paul Simon on Colbert Report

from Danny C , 2008-11-14

Paul Simon will be a guest on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central on Tuesday November 18th.



One on One

from Danny C , 2008-11-18

Paul Simon´s interview with Barnes and Nobel is now online. He performs two beautiful songs in this interview and describes in detail, his song writing process.


Another one on 1 Paul Simon related

from Ans , 2008-11-25

An interesting video interview with Dr. Redlener about The Children Health Fund which also includes archive material of Paul Simon.