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Paul Simon Tours?

from Elvie , 2008-01-11

According to the Steve Gadd Site http://www.drstevegadd.com in the ´upcoming Steve Gadd events´ Steve mentioned: ´Paul Simon Tours´.
Does anyone have more info?

regards, Lourens

Upcoming concerts: Feb 28, March 3

from Bodo , 2008-01-26

It is only a very small note between a lot of text and pictures on Bakithi Kumalos website.

´Thursday, February 28-Monday, March 3, 2008
Paul Simon Dates´

No more dates, no city, country or arena. Might be some special event and not a tour.

The Music of Paul Simon

from Ans , 2008-01-29

The music and lyrics of Paul Simon will be celebrated by the Brooklyn Academy of Music with three programs in April.



Release of Live 1969

from Bodo , 2008-01-30

Starbucks Brews Up Simon & Garfunkel Live CD.

The Simon & Garfunkel live album originally due last September via Columbia/Legacy has been revived as a Starbucks exclusive, beginning March 11. A release to traditional retail is expected in the fall.

Here is the track list for ´Live 1969´:

´Homeward Bound´ (11/15/69, Long Beach, Calif.)
´At the Zoo´ (11/27/69, New York)
´The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin´ Groovy)´ (11/8/69, Carbondale, Ill.)
´Song for the Asking´ (11/15/69, Long Beach, Calif.)
´Scarborough Fair/Canticle´ (11/28/69, New York)
´Mrs. Robinson´ (11/8/69, Carbondale, Ill.)
´The Boxer´ (11/15/69, Long Beach, Calif.)
´Why Don´t You Write Me´ (11/15/69, Long Beach, Calif.)
´So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright´ (11/8/69, Carbondale, Ill.)
´That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine´ (11/15/69, Long Beach, Calif.)
´Bridge Over Troubled Water´ (11/28/69, New York)
´The Sound of Silence´ (11/8/69, Carbondale, Ill.)
´I Am a Rock´ (11/8/69, Carbondale, Ill.)
´Old Friends/Bookends Theme´ (11/1/69, Toledo, Ohio)
´Leaves That Are Green´ (11/31/69, Detroit)
´Kathy´s Song´ (date unknown, St. Louis)