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Holiday Radio

from MrBeerbelly , 2007-07-05

Is this too late?

KCRW (89.9 FM) has turned over most of its schedule today to specials on American music, leading this morning with the stories of Sly Stone and Paul Simon, followed by Nina Simone, Fats Waller, Bob Wills, Patti LaBelle and Santana. At 6 pm is Gerald Zellinger´s hour-long documentary on Columbia Square, the former Hollywood home of radio on CBS.
It´s author day at KPCC (89.3 FM.) Larry Mantle is talking this morning to writers of new books on religion in the U.S., Harriet Tubman and Billy the Kid. Patt Morrison talks at 2 pm to the authors of books on Abe Lincoln, Richard Nixon and historical border-shaper Andrew Ellicott.

Dodd campaign to webcast Paul Simon

from Ans , 2007-07-06

Dodd campaign to webcast Paul Simon in Iowa
July 5, 2007

Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd´s campaign will webcast two live performances of Paul Simon, scheduled to be on the campaign trail in Iowa with Dodd.

Simon campaign with Dodd, a U.S. senator from Connecticut, on both Friday and Saturday as part of Dodd’s “River to River” tour.

Two campaign stops and performances can be viewed at http://www.chrisdodd.com/dtv. The live broadcasts are at 11:15 a.m. Central time Friday in Fort Dodge and 5:30 p.m. Saturday in Sioux City.

Two new book releases

from Ans , 2007-07-12

There will be 2 new books out about Paul Simon and S&G, scheduled to be released next October.




Simon and Garfunkel set for tour

from josh , 2007-07-17

Taken from the Australian newspaper´Hearald Sun´:

PROMOTERS are negotiating to bring legendary folk duo Simon and Garfunkel to Australia.

Dates have been tentatively locked in for early next year, with two rival promoters now bidding.

The pair, whose infighting over money is legendary, last re-formed for a tour in 2004.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel reportedly demanded $1.1 million between them for each show.

The new tour will follow the release of a vintage concert recording, Live 1969, in September.

The duo´s last Australian tour was in 1983.

After shows in New York and Japan in 1993 they played at 2003´s Grammy Awards, and a tour that year earned $73 million. Shows in 2004 earned $35 million.

The duo have sold more than 40 million albums with hits including The Sound of Silence, I Am a Rock, Hazy Shade of Winter, Mrs Robinson and Bridge Over Troubled Water.