The neck of my Guitar

Fast car videoclip without Paul

from Bodo , 2007-12-15

The music video to the song ´Fast Car´ by Wyclef Jean and Paul Simon appeared this week on YouTube.

To our surprise Paul does not appear on that video, the guitar licks (we thought Paul is playing them) are played by Wyclef Jean.

Watch the video online on youtube:

Interview Paul with Dalai Lama

from Ans , 2007-12-16

At the site http://thecommunity.com/ is some information about a series of interviews including Paul Simon scheduled for completion in the fall of 2008. At the left colomn `What´s so hard about Peace` is a hyperlink `a series of interviews for television` with more information.

SNL Secon Season

from Ans , 2007-12-16

The complete second season 1976-1977 of SNL is for sale. At the site of thesoundofsimon.tk you can view the pictures of Paul´s appearance on SNL november 20, 1976, see noticias. At the site http://snltranscripts.jt.org/ are the transcripts and a link to amazon.com