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Paul, Holland, Hullabaloo + Humour

from Bodo Malo , 2007-10-07

For his next big project, Holland wants to revive the reputation of a man he never met - his late father-in-law. Rory McEwen hosted Hullabaloo, one of the first ever popular music shows on television, which coincidentally had many similarities with Later... ´It had a house band, with Long John Baldrey, and guests such as the Spinners, Sonny Boy Williamson and Fitzroy Coleman.´

McEwen would play the guitar with his brother Eck in between introducing the acts, he once turned down the Rolling Stones because he thought they weren´t good enough. Holland wants to get the shows reissued on DVD. Recently, Holland and Christabel had dinner with Paul Simon, who remembered Hullabaloo. ´They both agreed that it was the first music show on television to feature non-mainstream music and that its great strength was that Rory could both introduce and play with the guests. At this, Christabel said, ´That´s odd, I think I´ve married my dad´. Paul Simon shrugged in a very New York Jewish way and said, ´You wouldn´t be the first girl to do that.´


Listen to Fast Car

from Bodo Malo , 2007-10-07

Surprise again! Listen to Wyclef Jean Feat. Paul Simon on the new song ´Fast Car´


Paul contributes on singin 2 verses and plays guitar.

Deana Carter feat. Paul Simon

from Bodo Malo , 2007-10-07

Deana Carter is previewing her upcoming album The Chain. The album is a tribute to Deana´s father, and scrapbook for a childhood spent in the creative environs of artists ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to George Jones.

Fred Carter, Jr. is one of the most accomplished session guitar players in music history, having provided the musical bed for iconic songs and playing also on many Paul Simon songs.

For The Chain, Deana went a voyage of discovery in researching her father´s impact on popular music, compiling a collection of extraordinary songs, and finally enlisting the participation of artists including Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Simon and his son Harper and Waylon´s son Shooter Jennings.

Paul´s support for children

from Ans , 2007-10-16

I found a few announcements about Paul´s appearance to support children.

Paul will be joining Pelosi and Reid at a Capitol Hill press conference, I guess this Tuesday?


and on november 19th as a musical guest at a fundraising gala for Rosie’s Broadway Kids project at the Marriott Marquis.

0.html scroll down to Rosie wasn´t fired, she wrote a book.