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Montreux jazz 2007 with Paul?

from Bodo , 2007-01-28

The Montreux Jazz festival organisers are in negotiation with Paul Simon at the moment to bring him back on the festival plan for the summer 2007.
The final artist list will be announced on April 16.

These would be thrilling news for us, because a concert by Paul in Switzerland this summer would maybe include a full tour trough Europe too.

Paul played at the Montreux Jazz festival in the year 2002, a very special and intimitate concert in front of only 2000 people which has been filmed too. Later the song ´The Coast´ from that concert appeared as a bonus track on the extra single for the ´On My Way, Don´t Know Where I´m Goin´ collection.

On the picture above you see the group of fans from this site who met each other at the Montreux 2002 concert.

Michael Brecker died

from Bodo , 2007-01-28

Following a two and a half year battle with MDS and then leukemia, Michael Brecker passed away on January 13 2007.

Michael Brecker has been a good friend of Paul Simon since the mid 70´s, when he appeared on ´Still crazy after all these years´. In 1991/1992 he toured as a special guest for more than 150 concerts together with Paul on the ´Born at the right time tour´ having his own Michael Brecker solo break. More than 15 years after the famous Central Park concert in 1991 I think it would be a special honour to release it finally on DVD and include Michael Breckers stunning 12 minute wind instruments solo for the first time.

Michael Breckers family asks to give all donations to The Marrow Foundation´s TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE FUND

Paul contributes with Hernández

from Ans , 2007-01-29

San Francisco (California), USA - Six Degrees Records has announced the signing of Spanish Harlem Orchestra, whose third album, United We Swing, will be released on May 15, 2007 worldwide.

United We Swing is a collection of infectious Latin music from an all-star lineup of living legends. The new release follows the Grammy award-winning album, Across 110th St., which won for Best Salsa Album in 2004, and their 2002 Grammy nominated debut album, Un Gran Dia en el Barrio.

Directed by world-renowned pianist/arranger/producer Oscar Hernández, the 13 member Spanish Harlem Orchestra has established itself as standard bearers of contemporary Latin music. Using the most accomplished players in the New York Hispanic community, Hernández brings together an amalgamation of strong performances from Ray De La Paz, Willie Tórres, and Marco Bermúdez on vocals, with a handful of top musicians including John Walsh, Pete Nater, Jimmy Bosch, Dan Reagan, Mitch Frohman, Luisíto Quintero, George Delgado, Jorge Gonzalez, and Hector ‘Maximo’ Rodriguez. United We Swing was recorded in November 2006 in Englewood, NJ.

“I am excited and extremely proud of our third CD United We Swing,” says Oscar Hernández. “The chemistry that Spanish Harlem Orchestra has achieved from performing and touring the last couple of years is reflected in the uncompromised musical excellence of this recording. Each individual musician has contributed to the hardcore swing we strive for as an ensemble. It is a great honor to have musical icon Paul Simon contribute his extraordinary talent to our sound with SHO.”

United We Swing features 13 new songs including a special guest appearance by Paul Simon (Late In The Evening/Tarde En La Noche). Hernández built a strong relationship with Paul Simon after arranging and producing the music for his Broadway musical ´The Capeman,´ which is based on the real life story of Salvador Agron. United We Swing is scheduled for release on May 15, 2007 on Six Degrees Records.