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Davy Graham is back!

from Mark Pavey , 2006-01-08

Davey Graham (writer of ´Anji´) is preparing new material that has not yet been available on record at all, and some re-workings of things Davey feels haven´t been definitvely captured yet.

These songs include, Rooty, Blues for Nancy, Electric Chair Blues, Yellow Man, a Balkan suite, and some spanish pieces.

Due to the unfair nature of the recording contracts in the sixties, an artist royalty of 3.5 pence on a cd, we have decided to make the new material available directly through this web-site in a special format.

The cd is available as a pre-order limited edition format at £14 incl postage with the first 1500 copies featuring the names of those who place orders at this early stage in a deluxe booklet. We will ship the album in 2006 when we are really happy with it. We will record the album at Woodworm studios in the Cotswolds: it´s tentatively entitled ´Farenheit and Centrigade´. A big thanks to those of you who have already pre-ordered, your names go first! A new, exclusive, Davey Graham Album with your help


New Paul Simon album in March

from Doug Mateyaschuk , 2006-01-08

Several online newspapers in Europe and also Canada informed us that Paul Simon´s next album is set to be released this March.

The exact date is not available (it differs on all of these newspapers around the last week of March). Also it still does not have a title.

Graduate soundtrack still on top

from Ans , 2006-01-14

Soundtracks News

Graduate soundtrack still on top
Jan 12, 2006, 11:57 GMT

Simon and Garfunkel´s notorious score for hit 60s film The Graduate is still considered the best soundtrack in film history, a new poll has revealed.

Giant magazine´s study, 50 Greatest Soundtracks of All Time, found the duo´s soundtrack for Mike Nichols´ 1967 classic was by far and away the favourite film album.

Featuring such acclaimed hits as Mrs Robinson and The Sound Of Silence, The Graduate´s soundtrack weighed in above Albert Magnoli´s 1984 film Purple Rain, starring former pop star Prince.

The soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino´s cult classic Pulp Fiction, featuring Al Green´s Lets Stay Together, Dusty Springfield´s Son Of A Preacher Man, and Neil Diamond´s Girl, You´ll Be A Woman Soon, came in third.

Seventies reggae movie The Harder They Come was voted as having the fourth best soundtrack, 1998 film Rushmore came in fifth and Beatles classic Help! was named sixth.

Danny Boyle´s fast-paced Brit flick Trainspotting scooped the seventh place, Lost In Translation was eighth and Robin Gibbs´ Saturday Night Fever score came in ninth.

And Bernard Hermann, arguably the greatest ever film score composer, took tenth place for his efforts with the soundtrack of Alfred Hitchcock´s classic 1959 thriller North By Northwest.

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Paul Simon and Leonard Bernstein

from Mireille , 2006-01-16

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- ´This quatrain was a Christmas present from Paul Simon. Gratias. L.B.´ That note is on a boisterous, booming little trope in Leonard Bernstein´s ´Mass.´
And here´s the Simon text it refers to:
Half the people are stoned / And the other half are waiting for the next election. / Half the people are drowned / And the other half are swimming in the wrong direction.
That passage cinches the curious cacophony that to this day can eclipse the genius of Bernstein´s theater piece.
This is the sweeping performance work ´for singers, players and dancers´ commissioned to open the Kennedy Center in Washington. One of the most fashionable and powerful Beltway audiences assembled in the last century is said to have sat silent for three minutes after the composer´s voice shuddered across the seats from a quad system: ´The Mass is ended. Go in peace.´ They then gave it a 30-minute standing ovation.

Paul Simon pays tribute to James Taylor

from Ans , 2006-01-22

Among others Paul will pay tribute to James Taylor at Febr. 6, 2006 as Musicares´ 2006 Person of the Year at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

See the whole article at Musicares.


Mambazo re-release Diamonds & Homeless

from Bodo , 2006-01-23

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of that milestone, Ladysmith Black Mambazo is releasing ´Long Walk.´ The 12-song set features new recordings of some of the group´s best known works, performed with an impressive cast of guests.

Natalie Merchant, Sarah McLachlan, Taj Mahal, Emmylou Harris, and Melissa Etheridge are just a few of the stars that shine here. They manage to
complement LBM without ever getting in the way of the group´s elegant harmonies and distinctive song styling.

Indeed, several of the collaborators take a very low-key role, notably McLachlan, who blends into the deeply touching and reverent remake of ´Homeless,´ one of the songs the group first recorded with Simon on ´Graceland.´

Not all the guests are so subtle. Etheridge makes a dynamic contribution to another ´Graceland´ track, ´Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.´

Harris offers a fascinating vocal counterpoint to the group in a gospel blend of ´Amazing Grace´ and ´Nearer My God to Thee.´

And gritty bluesman Mahal´s electric guitar and raspy vocal combine to help light a fire under ´Mbube,´ the traditional Zulu tune that American audiences will likely recognize as either ´Wimoweh´ or ´The Lion Sleeps Tonight.´

The set´s most intriguing track is ´Shosholoza,´ which spotlights LBM´s intricate harmonies and features contributions by several of South Africa´s best known musicians.


Art Garfunkel will tour in Europe

from jocke , 2006-01-23

Art Garfunkel will tour the U.K and other European cities this Spring/Summer. Details to be announced soon.

http://www.artgarfunkel.com target=_BLANK
Art Garfunkel

Paul Simon performed 4 songs at Berklee

from Ans , 2006-01-30

From Rolling Stone and Globe Newspaper

Paul performed Slip Slidin´ Away, Mrs. Robinson, Graceland and Me & Julio at Berklee College 60th Anniversary and almost ´Wartime Prayers´.

Simon was almost a no-show, because ´his voice was shot´ from the flu. One would never have guessed from the way the singer closed the night with a ghostly outro in ´Slip Slidin´ Away´ and buoyant whistling in ´Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.´

´I should always be announced as having the flu, which raises a certain amount of sympathy, and glee,´ Simon joked before launching his four-song turn with ´Mrs. Robinson´ and a relaxed ´Graceland,´ with pianist Hancock walking out halfway through the latter to lend his own filigrees. Both artists received honorary doctorates from Berklee in 1986.

Drummer Steve Gadd and other Simon musicians helped anchor the night´s core band, while Berklee faculty, students and alumni filled a stage complete with a choir and orchestra.

The show was running an hour behind schedule by the time Simon went on
at around 10:45 p.m. His four-song set of chestnuts was highlighted by
the strong and sinewy groove of ´´Graceland,´ with Hancock pitching in on piano, and he closed with ´´Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.´
Simon left the stage, presumably to return for a big-finish encore of
´´Wartime Prayers´ that would´ve included a backing choir, Hancock, and
possible appearances by other headliners.

But after a couple of minutes of
apparent confusion on stage -- as the charged-up audience clapped in
unison for more -- the announcement was made that the show was over.

Berklee´s morning-after explanation for the abrupt ending was that the
school would´ve had to pay for an additional chunk of Wang rental time
if the show had gone past 11 p.m. The point of the evening, aside from
gorging on a sonic birthday feast, was to raise money for the school´s
new Presidential Scholarship fund, and a Berklee spokesperson said the
school opted to save the money for students rather than pay for a grand