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S&G on NPR radio this saturday

from Bodo , 2004-06-11

S&G will be interviewd on NPR radio this saturday on the ´Weekend Edition´

The audio for this program will be available at approximately 1PM ET, 10AM PT.

It is announced that Art Garfunkel will introduce a NEW S&G song during this show. The song is ´Citizen of the planet´ - not really a new song because Paul Simon wrote it back in 1983 and he even sang it a few times on the S&G tour in Australia back in 1984.
Later Paul said the song isn´t his voice and also the theme (anit-nuclear song) doesn´t fit to him. He tought of giving away the song to another group, but we never heard of the song again.
So maybe he gave this song now to the group called ´Simon and Garfunkel´.

Speculations about a new S&G album or recording have just been destroyed a few day´s ago when Art and Paul have been interviewed separately. While Art said he wished to do so Paul Simon doesn´t see any future projects.
The question is now - did they change their opinion so fast, or is this maybe just a clever move by Art Garfunkel to persuade Paul to do such an album (remember it was written :´Art will introduce a new song...´)

Anyway, the 2nd leg of the Old Friends tour started yesterday and we didn´t get any changes in the setlist (no Citizen of the planed), but there is still hope they alter the song list a litte bit in Europe.

S&G Interview ON NPR Website

from Sumit , 2004-06-12

The whole Simon and Garfunkel interview is on the NPR website and can be listened to by anyone anywhere. It is 54 mins long and gives a wonderful, insightful look at Simon and Garfunkel, their music and their relationship. There is a brief momentary introduction to Citizen of the Planet and thats it...you won´t get to hear the whole song just yet!

Conversations with the Capeman

from Ans , 2004-06-26

This book - The Capeman - The Untold Story of Salvador Agron - will be released next July 2004. The writer is Richard Jacoby who has worked for more than 20 years as a special education teacher for profoundly disabled children.