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Paul Simon: 50 Ways to Donate to Kerry

from Ans , 2004-05-14

Paul Simon: 50 Ways to Donate to Kerry

Longtime Democrat Paul Simon — the singer, not the late senator — is pitching in for John Kerry. No, he´s not slated to perform at either the Bette Midler and friends show at Radio City or the Barbra Streisand event in Los Angeles. Simon and wife Edie Brickell are going one better. They´re having strangers to their house.

Simon and Brickell, who are not very public people, have agreed to give a Kerry fund-raiser at their beautiful country home near Greenwich, Conn., one week from today. The minimum contribution asked for on the invite is $2,000, but the real money that the Simon party is supposed to raise is way beyond that. (That makes three homes for Simon in the area, counting Manhattan and Montauk, Long Island. Proceeds from a lucrative European tour this summer with Art Garfunkel could certainly generate more of ´em!)

Potential guests are reminded that individuals may contribute $27,000 each to Kerry 2004. How does this work? Well, that first two grand goes right to the Kerry for President Committee. But the $25,000 ´extra´ goes to the DNC Services Corporation/Democratic National Committee, which is a soft money contribution.

No word yet on whether Simon or Brickell will perform or whether there will be an appearance by Garfunkel. But it´s a good bet that Simon pals Chevy Chase and Lorne Michaels will be there, and that other locals like Glenn Close, Ron Howard, David Letterman, Charles Grodin and Regis Philbin are on the invite list.

Fan meeting´s 2004

from Bodo , 2004-05-14

This site has a new section called ´Live meeting´. What you can do there is very simple - if you go to a concert and want to find some other true fan´s or friends you know from this site then make an entry there.
Write down your section, row and seat number so that you can find each other at the concert.

You even can upload a picture, so it´s easier to identify each other.

Click here to make your entry for the concert´s you are visiting:
Live meeting

John Mayer and Paul perform tonight!

from Bodo , 2004-05-14

Paul Simon and John Mayer will perform tonight at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

The concert is not open to the public. It will be taped for ´In Tune,´ a new VH1 television series.

´This is a great opportunity for the Rock Hall to increase visibility for Cleveland [and] generate some revenue,´ said Todd Mesek, the hall´s senior director of marketing and communications.

´The basic idea is to bring together a veteran artist and a younger artist,´ said Lee Rolontz, executive producer of ´In Tune´ and vice president of original music production for VH1.

´In Tune With Paul Simon and John Mayer´ is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 15, on VH1.

It will be the first hourlong installment of the four-part ´In Tune´ series, to be shot sporadically this summer and fall on the main stage in the Rock Hall lobby. Talent lineups for the other three shows have not been announced.

´In Tune´ is sponsored by Baileys, the cream liqueur.

Simon, 62, is a two-time Rock Hall inductee. He was enshrined in 1990 as half of the legendary folk-rock duo Simon and Garfunkel and again in 2001 for his solo achievements. Mayer, 26, won a Grammy Award for his 2003 breakthrough hit, ´Your Body Is a Wonderland.´

Both singer-songwriters respect each other´s work, Rolontz said.

´John Mayer has tremendous admiration for Paul Simon,´ she said. ´And believe it or not, Paul Simon is a great admirer of John Mayer.´

They´ll accompany each other on acoustic guitars for tonight´s show.

´Paul will do one of John´s songs, and John will do one of Paul´s songs,´ Rolontz said. ´Then they´re supposed to do a song by someone they both like. They´ll also do two other songs.´

Between numbers, Simon and Mayer will talk about ´why they like each other, how they got into music and their experiences in the music industry,´ Rolontz said.

She declined to name the celebrity musician who will be master of ceremonies for the Rock Hall gig.

Creating the ´intimate´ vibe VH1 wants for the series will be a challenge in the museum´s large, glass-enclosed lobby, Rolontz said.

´But it´s well worth it in order to work at the Hall of Fame,´ she said. ´The Rock Hall brings a sense of history, a sense that this is something special [in] a place that distinguishes people who are Hall of Famers. All that only serves to add to the luster of the show.´

Other Hall of Famers likely will be courted to appear in subsequent episodes, Rolontz said.

The Rock Hall teamed up with VH1´s sister network MTV in 2001 and 2002 for ´Live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,´ which featured performances by Mayer, Alicia Keys, Linkin Park and other rising stars at the museum.

´In Tune´ will be ´completely different´ from the single-artist concerts staged for MTV, according to Rolontz.

´This is about two artists who are interested in one another´s music,´ she said.

The series will underscore ´how younger artists are influenced by older artists,´ Rolontz said. ´Besides exposure, the Rock Hall wants to [show] the connection between the forefathers of rock ´n´ roll and what´s happening now.´

´In Tune´ might be expanded in the future, depending on ratings for the initial episodes. ´If it´s a big success, we would love for it to continue,´ Rolontz said.

In an interview earlier this year, Rock Hall president and CEO Terry Stewart said the VH1 series was part of a fresh push to raise the hall´s profile beyond Cleveland.

´We need the national exposure to reach more people,´ Stewart said. ´We have to keep putting the museum out there to tell people to come to Cleveland.´

Paul´s Wife Edie and Her Band Perform

from xZen DarHt , 2004-05-15

Edie Brickell and her band featuring the very accomplished and tasteful guitar playing of Charlie Sexton (who also produced her latest album) played an absolutely brilliant show in Dallas last week --- One of the best rock ´n´ roll shows I´ve ever seen and I´ve seen many --- Edie´s singing was right-on - she was absolutely at her best - and her band provided the best framework ever for performing her smartly written songs - new and older tunes --- Personally, I always thought she needed a more appropriate insrumental edge to her songwriting - to me, her songs were always written ´over here´ while her old band, The New Bohemians, interpreted them ´over there´ --- Charlie Sexton and the other band members (who´s name´s I am embarrassed to say, I don´t know but should be applauded, as well as Mr. Sexton) better understood where Edie is coming from --- Well done EDie --- I hope you continues working with those guys. Paul, you should be proud of your wife - along with you, she´s great.

S&G perform at Good Morning America

from Ans , 2004-05-15

Show: Good Morning America
Episode: 05/18/2004
Network: (ABC) American Broadcasting Corporation
Date: Tuesday - May 18, 2004
Time: 07:00 am - 09:00 am ET

Featured Artists
Simon & Garfunkel
About: 05/18/2004
A performance by the legendary Simon & Garfunkel, Tony Perkins reports on the ´Good Morning America´ book drive in Detroit, part two of the three-part series ´Lose Ten Years in Three Days.´

Three sisters: Documentation inc. Paul

from Bodo , 2004-05-18

US citizen´s watch out HBO on Wednesday May 18!

´Three Sisters: Searching for a Cure´ is an enormously moving film that tracks a march toward certain death while celebrating life.

In 1997, 35-year-old Jenifer Estess was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (better known as Lou Gehrig´s disease), a fatal disorder from which there is no rescue: ´´no cure, no medicine, no treatment, no cure -- no nothing.´´ But Jenifer, a theater and film producer with caring contacts in the entertainment world, joined forces with her sisters, Valerie and Meredith, to fight the disease by creating Project A.L.S.


a nonprofit organization that has raised $18 million and catalyzed ALS research. These three sisters are witty, defiant and exhilarating to behold.

Just one of the memorable moments from this terrific film: Paul Simon serenading Jenifer, by then in a wheelchair, with ´Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes´ during his performance at a Project A.L.S. fund-raiser.

The film airs 8 p.m. Wednesday on HBO.

Paul Simon - 9 Disc Boxed Set

from Bodo , 2004-05-19

Official Cover

The set named ´Studio Recordings 1972 - 2000´ will be released on July 5, 2004. It includes all 9 studio albums digital remastered and with some extra bonus tracks on every CD.
Also these albums might be available separately later!

The bonus tracks are:
Paul Simon
* Duncan (acoustic demo)
* Me and Julio down... (acoustic demo)
* Paranoia Blues (alt. take)

There Goes Rhymin´ Simon
* Take me to the Mardi Gras (demo)
* Loves Me Like A Rock (acoustic demo)
* American Tune (unfinished run-through)
* Let Me Live In Your City (in-progress take)

Still crazy after all these Years
* Slip Slidin´ Away (demo)
* Gone At Last (demo)
* Silent Eyes (Shampoo soundtrack)

One Trick Pony
* Soft Parachutes (prev. unrel.)
* All Because Of You (prev. unrel.)
* Stranded In A Limousine
* Spiral Highway (prev. unrel.)

Hearts and Bones
* The Late Great Johnny Ace (demo)
* Rene And Georgette Magritte (demo)
* Train In The Distance (demo)
* Shelter Of Your Arms (unrel. outtake)

* Homeless (demo)
* Diamonds (unrel. version)
* All Around The World (early take)

The Rhythm Of The Saints
* Thelma
* Born The Right Time (demo)
* The Coast (outtake)
* Spirit Voices (outtake)

Songs from The Capeman
* Born In Puerto Rico (w. José Feliciano)
* Can I Forgive Him? (demo)
* Shoplifting Clothes (prev. unrel.)

You´re the One
* Old (live)
* That´s Where I Belong (live)
* Hurricane Eye (live)

The price for the full boxed set is around 150 US$