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Paul Simon Songbook released

from Nathgertsch , 2004-03-03

According to amazon and other online CD shops, the Paul Simon Songbook will be on sale at March 22(Germany) and 23rd worldwide.

Track list:
1. I am a Rock
2. Leaves that are Green
3. A Church is Burning
4. April come she will
5. The Sound of Silence
6. A most peculiar Man
7. He was my Brother
8. Kathy´s Song
9. On the sife of a Hill
10. A simply desultory Philippic
11. Flowers never bend with the Rainfall
12. Patterns
13. I am a Rock (alternate version)
14. A Church is Burning (alternate version)

There are 2 alternate versions on this CD, the LP originaly only had 12 tracks. These 2 versions may come from the BBC Five to Ten show (January 1965)

Price varies between 9.99 Euros and 13.89US$

All these songs are sung and played only by Paul Simon alone in a one hour session in May 1965. Later these songs have been re-recorded and released as S&G songs.

Edie Brickell Tour Dates

from Ans , 2004-03-06

4/6/2004 : Tour - Moore Theater - Seattle, WA
4/7/2004 : Tour - Roseland Theater - Portland, OR
4/9/2004 : Tour - The Roxy - Los Angeles, CA
4/13/2004 : Tour - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
4/16/2004 : Tour - Boulder Theatre - Denver, CO
4/18/2004 : Tour - Fitzgerald Theater - Minneapolis, MN
4/20/2004 : Tour - Parkwest - Chicago, IL
4/21/2004 : Tour - Magic Bag - Detroit, MI
4/23/2004 : Tour - El Mocombo - Toronto,
4/26/2004 : Tour - Joe´´s Pub - NYC, NY
4/27/2004 : Tour - Paradise - Boston, MA
4/29/2004 : Tour - Theatre of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
5/1/2004 : Tour - Birchmere - Alexandria, VA
5/4/2004 : Tour - Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA

Coo-coo-ca-choo! Dustin Hoffman revisits

from Jesse , 2004-03-09

THIS JUST IN: Thirty-seven years later, Dustin Hoffman will return to La Verne today for a reprise of ´The Graduate,´ this time for a car commercial.
In the 1967 classic, Hoffman sprints up D Street to pound on the enormous window of the United Methodist Church, interrupting the wedding of Katharine Ross, who -- am I spoiling the movie for anyone? -- flees the church to run off with him in the only vehicle handy, a yellow school bus.
This time, in a commercial filmed by director Michael Bay, an Audi A6 will speed through twists and turns on scenic country roads to pull up at the church. The driver will exit, rush into the church, climb the stairs and bang on that famous window to interrupt the wedding.
Both driver and bride will rush out and hop into the car, whereupon we finally see her rescuer´s face: Hoffman, the bride´s father.
´You are just like your mother,´ he´ll say as they roar off.
So how did Audi persuade the actor to help turn a classic movie into a car commercial? I have two theories.
Either Dustin Hoffman needs the money.
Or Audi hired Mrs. Robinson to seduce him.
IT´S NOT the first ´Graduate´ spoof to be filmed at the church. Homages appeared in the 1993 movie ´Wayne´s World 2´ and in 2001´s ´Bubble Boy.´
For the Audi commercial, one element of the sanctuary has been restored to its original ´Graduate´ appearance. Orange batik wall hangings that had been covered in white for several years are again revealed.
The Rev. Anita Valles, the pastor since 2001, likes the orange.
The sanctuary ´was very white and sterile. When they took those (covers) off, it brought the church back to life,´ Valles said.
On the other hand, longtime church members told her the original color caused its own problems.
´With the orange,´ Valles reported, ´it´s hard to decorate for Christmas.´

* Hoffman´s role was originally offered to Burt Ward, TV´s Robin, who had to turn it down because of ´Batman.´ Holy missed opportunity!
* Hoffman´s stance when he slaps on the window with his arms extended wasn´t meant as a Christ-like image. According to the Web site, it was a compromise with the minister. After witnessing the more energetic rehearsal, he was ready to throw the filmmakers out for fear the fragile window, a gift to the church, would break under Hoffman´s fists.
Nor Simon or Garfunkel are invited...therefore we hear a cover of Mrs Robinson played by the Lemonheads.......

A family business

from Marieno , 2004-03-13

According to RollingStone.com, Edie Brickell will tour with...Harper Simon as her guitarist (and with Charlie Sexton, also her producer) and maybe she will release an album with Harper: ´as Brickell hooked up with Harper Simon last fall for a few spontaneous sessions with a percussionist friend of his. Twelve or thirteen good tracks came from the recordings, made in Brooklyn and they might see release this summer´.

Best of Saturday night live 2DVD

from Bodo , 2004-03-23

Again Michael Mittermeier:
A DVD has been released with all the clips Michael Mittermeier showed in his german comedy show.
At the time I´m not sure if this double DVD includes the full clips (sorry) or only the short part´s Mittermeier showed on TV. And I think it´s only available on amazon germany.
It includes 2 performances of Paul (Turkey sketch and Diamonds) and S&G performing ´The Boxer´.
Here is the link: