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DVD of Old Friends Tour

from Bodo , 2004-01-08

According to the Everly Brothers newsletter a DVD of the last tour will be released within a short while.

Paul Simon signin Music Publishing Deal

from Ans Koenen , 2004-01-10

Paul Simon Signin´ Music Publishing Deal
Fri January 9, 2004 05:33 PM ET

By Melinda Newman
LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Paul Simon has signed a worldwide agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) that covers his catalog and future work.

The multi-year deal, which went into effect Jan. 1, calls for UMPG to administer his catalog and new songs worldwide except in North America, where the material will continue to be handled by Paul Simon Music.

Additionally, UMPG will represent Simon´s work globally, including the U.S. and Canada, for synchronization opportunities in TV, film and advertising. Simon was previously with Warner/Chappell.

The 300-song catalog includes many modern-day pop classics penned by Simon as part of Simon & Garfunkel and as a solo artist, including ´Bridge Over Troubled Water,´ ´The Sounds of Silence,´ ´Still Crazy After All These Years,´ ´Loves Me Like a Rock´ and ´50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.´

´There´s a prestige factor to having such a great artist,´ UMPG worldwide president David Renzer says. ´And we´re very excited that he´s open to various exploitation opportunities.´ He adds that Simon & Garfunkel´s extremely successful reunion tour last year has whetted the public´s appetite for Simon´s songs.

In the past, Simon has been very selective about allowing his music to be used in commercials: ´Homeward Bound´ was featured in ads for MasterCard and Microsoft, and ´The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin´ Groovy)´ was in a Gap commercial.

On the big screen, Simon wrote the soundtrack to 1968´s ´The Graduate´ and allowed his music to be licensed for ´American Pie 2´ and ´Almost Famous.´ More recently, he received an Academy Award nomination for the song ´Father & Daughter,´ which he penned for ´The Wild Thornberrys Movie.´

´We´re looking for unique opportunities in terms of films and commercials and television,´ Renzer says, because ´Paul is expressing more openness to license his music if it´s the right thing.´

Renzer would not reveal the terms of the Simon deal, saying only, ´It´s a very substantial commitment.´

UMPG plans a ´multi-faceted marketing blitz,´ he says, to let music supervisors and ad agencies know that Simon´s songs are available ´for the right fit and the right compensation.´

The plan includes a direct e-mail campaign to more than 6,000 industry executives worldwide, as well as loading the songs onto UMPG´s soon-to-launch SynchExpress Web site. UMPG will also service Simon & Garfunkel´s greatest-hits and Simon´s best-of collections to key music supervisors and ad agencies.

UMPG operates 47 offices in 41 countries. While Renzer says all territories will be primed for Simon´s music, outside of North America, the songwriter´s key markets include the U.K., France and Australia.

Simon, who records for Warner Bros., is working on a new studio album with a planned release for later this year.


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Art Garfunkel Charged With Having Pot

from Masud , 2004-01-22

AP,HURLEY, N.Y. - Art Garfunkel, part of the folk music duo Simon and Garfunkel, was charged with having marijuana after police pulled over his limousine for speeding in upstate New York.

Garfunkel, 62, of Manhattan, was caught with a small amount of marijuana in his jacket pocket and was charged with possession of marijuana, a violation, reported the Daily Freeman of Kingston.

Police said Garfunkel was riding alone when a state trooper stopped the limo around 12:20 p.m. Saturday in Hurley, 55 miles southwest of Albany. The trooper smelled marijuana after approaching the vehicle.

State police Capt. Louis Barbaria Jr. said the trooper didn´t realize who he arrested until later, although Garfunkel told him he is a celebrity. Barbaria didn´t know why Garfunkel was in Ulster County.

Garfunkel was scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 28 on the charge, or he could respond by mail or have a lawyer appear for him.

He faces a $100 fine, unless he has had a conviction within the past three years and police did say whether he has.

Old Friends Overseas?

from Ans Koenen , 2004-01-24


NME published 23-01-2004

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL have announced plans to add another leg to their ´OLD FRIENDS´ reunion tour, which has so far seen the duo play to 500,000 people and bring in $53 million by the time it finished in December 21.

Before ´Old Friends´, the pair had not played a major tour together since 1993, though Garfunkel´s manager John Scher has now said that there will be more dates, possibly as early as June.

Scher said: ´They will play almost exclusively in markets where we have not gone.´

However he added that the jaunt ´may go back to a market that was underplayed the first time around.´

The extra dates would see Simon and Garfunkel rejoined by their support act The Everly Brothers for the shows, which could expand from North America to Europe before the possibility of a brief run in Japan.

According to Billboard, Paul Simon said of the reunion tour when it was first announced: ´It was time to just say forgive and forget and move on. Since we seem to be doing this once every 10 or 12 years, I think this is probably the last time that we´re going to do this. The performance and the experience is freighted with the potential for something extraordinary to occur. I hope that will happen.´

The announcement of further dates comes in the wake of Garfunkel being charged after police found marijuana in the singer´s limousine.

The star had been riding alone in the car through New York´s Hurley area, when the vehicle was pulled over for speeding. The officer claimed he could smell pot, conducted a search of the car and found a small amount in Garfunkel´s jacket pocket.

According to MTV News, he was charged with possession of marijuana and faces a $100 fine, unless he has had a conviction within the last three years, in which case he would face a more serious penalty.

Singer Paul Simon to meet Dalai Lama

from Ans Koenen , 2004-01-26

Singer Paul Simon to meet Dalai Lama
Jan 26, 2004, 06:59

DHARAMSALA, India - US singer Paul Simon will on Monday join a long line of celebrities who have made their way to the Indian northern hill station of Dharamsala for a meeting with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, an offical said.

The Dalai Lama´s press officer Tenzin Taklha Sunday confirmed the meeting and said Simon was due to stay in the hill station for two days.

Dharamsala has been frequented by high-profile personalities, including Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, the first ladies of France and Peru, supermodel Christy Turlington and actors Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere, Steven Seagal and Goldie Hawn.

The Tibetan spiritual leader and his followers fled Tibet after a failed uprising against Chinese rule and set up base in Dharamsala in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in 1959.

Paul Simon singing on tour

US singer Paul Simon (pictured) will on Monday join a long line of celebrities who have made their way to the Indian northern hill station of Dharamsala for a meeting with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.(AFP/Lehtikuva/File/Sari Gustafsson)

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S&G will tour in Europe 2004

from Bodo , 2004-01-30

According to a newspaper article on http://www.express.de one of the cities where S&G will play this summer is Cologne in Germany. At the time they are in negotiations with 2 stadions there (Kölnarena and Kölner Stadion).

Come back regulary to this site to get the latest news about the 2004 S&G tour. All dates will be listed in the LIVE section as soon as they are confirmed.

Art contesting marijuana charge?

from Bodo , 2004-01-30

HURLEY, New York (AP) -- Folk-rock legend Art Garfunkel apparently is contesting a marijuana possession charge he faces in upstate New York.

Settling the matter Wednesday could have been as easy as paying a $100 fine, but instead a judge set a February 11 hearing after Garfunkel´s attorney Michael Federoff appeared in court.

Federoff declined to discuss the case and a call to a publicist for Garfunkel was not immediately returned Wednesday night.

Garfunkel, 62, of Manhattan, was charged with marijuana possession Jan. 17 after state police stopped his limousine for speeding in Hurley, 55 miles southwest of Albany.

Police said a trooper smelled marijuana when he approached the limo and found 6 grams of marijuana in Garfunkel´s jacket pocket. Garfunkel faces up to a $100 fine, unless he has had a criminal conviction in the past three years. Authorities won´t say whether he has a prior record.