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Paul Simon quiz with pictures

from Bodo , 2003-08-03

The Paul Simon Quizgame now also has special picture-questions. You see a picture of a person related to Paul or from a Paul Simon videoclip and should know the name of the person or the videoclip.

Link trade

from Bodo , 2003-08-08

If you like that page and you have a homepage then please link to
, and I´ll also include you into my link page.

No tour with Art?

from Bodo , 2003-08-08

In a recent interview Paul Simon said that he ´is having second thoughts about going on tour with Art Garfunkel in September - because he´s having too much fun raising his three young children´.

So at the time it doesn´t look very good for a tour.
Meanwhile also Edie Brickell (Paul´s wife) released a new album and is going to promote it in the next months. It could be they decided that Paul will stay at home and look for the 3 young children now while Edie is on the road.

There are also now news about the next Paul Simon album, the inlay from ´On my way´ collection said it should have been released in spring 2003, later this changed to fall 2003, but I think we now can expect the album to be released in 2004.