The neck of my Guitar

Former senator Paul Simon

from Claudia , 2003-05-01

In answer to your latest news. I think there´s a litle mistake here but it´s unclear. In the reviews about the film Gigantic (a tale of two Johns) they refer to former Illinois senator Paul simon to open the film. but on hollywood.com the film is credited to Paul simon singer/songwriter. It may be possible that they both are in the film but most likely it´s the senator. See the following lines in this review: From Paul Malcolm at the LA Weekly: ´AJ Schnack turns an adoring camera on the decades-long musical friendship and collaboration between John Linnell and John Flansburgh. At the get-go, Schnack signals his affinity for the Giants´ bent brand of folkloric quirkiness (name another band that´s written a song about James K. Polk), as former Senator Paul Simon (D-Illinois) opens the film with a recap of Abraham Lincoln´s legacy before segueing into the saga of the two Johns, born in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Schnack then interviews the band and mobilizes a wide range of acolytes to expound upon the duo´s up-tempo melancholia. After recounting the band´s days gestating in New York´s post-punk/performance-art scene of the 1980s...the music itself takes center stage. These live performances and classic music videos drive home the point that the Giants´ longevity flows from the fact that they can´t be explained, only experienced.´

Video Download Online

from Bodo , 2003-05-30

The S&G Grammy video from the Grammys 2003

S&G Grammy Video

and the Videoclip to Father and Daughter

Father & Daughter Video

are now again available to download.