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PS at Willy Nelson memorial day

from Bodo , 2003-04-08

Paul Simon will play tomorrow night at the Memorial Day concert -Willy Nelson and Friends (to celebrate Willy´s 70 birthday) among with other stars like Wycleff Jean, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis, Shania Twain a.s.o.
The concert can be seen life at the Beacon Theater in New York (April 9, 2003) and will be aired on American Television Network on May 26th. There´s no more info about Paul´s appearance, I guess he will do 1 or 2 songs (maybe Willy Nelson covers or Graceland with Willy again?)
Memorial Day concert

Interview with Paul

from Bodo , 2003-04-15

Here you can listen online to the interview Paul gave:


WFUV Interview

Jamey Haddad plays with Lenny Kravitz

from Bodo , 2003-04-15

Paul´s percussionist Jamey Haddad who´s in Simons band since the 1999 Simon/Dylan tour constantly for the last 4 years and was one of the main band members of the You´r the One album appeared on the latest Lenny Kravitz song ´We Want peace´ playing djembe
It seems as if Paul has reduced his band to 5 main members now (Vincent, Steve Gadd, Bakithi, Mark and Tony) and Jamey is not working with Paul on the new album (hopefully finished and release in fall 2003)
In a 60 minute interview Paul gave a few days ago he didn´t answer the question how the new album will sound or what direction he will go - he said there are only 3 songs, so he cant´ answer the question.
My guess is that YTO was the last album with a big percussion background, his new sound will be more dominated by guitars, like his early work.

S&G Park Concert ´81 on DVD

from Bodo , 2003-04-16

It seems as if S&G´s ´Concert at the Park´ is available on DVD now at August 18, 2003. I got an email from amazon.com telling me that I can pre-order the DVD now. - BUT this is only the release date for the US-version (Region 1). It doesn´t say anything about technical details, so I think the didn´t rework anything and the DVD will only have normal stereo sound.

The neck of my guitar now has a FORUM

from Bodo , 2003-04-27

Here you can discuss with other fans or aks questions about Paul, Simon & Garfunkel, their life, music...or whatever you want. It is an open forum, you don´t have to register or anything (just write your name or nick to your message) I´ll make an extra forum only for German speaking fans on the German site in the next few days. So please post your englisch messages here, and the german messages in the other forum.

Paul Simon act´s in a new movie?

from Bodo , 2003-04-29

I got this information from a friend, she found something very interesting. It seems as if Paul Simon has played a small roll in a new movie called ´Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns´
It is a rock documentation about the indie rock band They might be giants with the musicians John Flansburgh and John Linnell (two Johns)
I haven´t found any more information, Paul is on the cast list and plays himself in the movie. It will be in NY Theaters on May 23, a DVD will be released in fall (Region 1 I guess)


Gigantic Film