The neck of my Guitar

Paul remembers George Harrison

from Bodo , 2002-01-14

Paul has written an articel for the Rolling Stones magazine about his last meeting with George Harrison in October 2000

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Muhammad Ali 60´s birthday

from Bodo , 2002-01-16

Paul will appear at the Muhammad Ali birthday show on January 16 2002 and play not ´The Boxer´, but ´Diamonds on the soles of here shoes´. The show will be broadcasted on CBS at 8pm central time

Jazzfestival in Montreux

from Bodo , 2002-01-23

According to a spanisch press agency (thanks to Jose Maria Escudero!), Paul Simon will perform at the Jazz Festival in Montreux - Switzerland this year!. The festival will take place from 5th - 20th July 2002, but it´s not clear on which day Paul will play. However, it seems fixed that he takes part.
It seems as if Paul likes to give concerts on such events, he also played last year at the ´New Orleans Jazz Festival´, for the first time in his career
Speculations about more concerts in Europe are welcome, ... why should he make this long travel to Europe with his band, instruments a.s.o. for only one show? ,-)