The neck of my Guitar

All Star Tribute DVD

from Bodo , 2001-12-11

The Brian Wilson Tribute DVD has been released a few days ago (also in Europe - now we have Paul on this DVD before we can see him on the Paris-DVD...) If you want to see Paul playing ´Surfer Girl´ it´s worth all the money. And stars like Elton John, Ricky Martin, Billy Joel, David Crosby, a.s.o will play some of the greates Beach Boys songs.

Rumours about new album

from Bodo , 2001-12-18

New rumours from France (Nicolas wrote).
A french fan just received a letter from 1619 Broadway for thanking her for
the flowers she sent on Paul´s 60. The letter said Paul will tour as soon as
he will finish his new album.
However, the letter doesn´t say anything about WHEN Paul will finish or start producing a new album ,)