The neck of my Guitar

Tony Cedras

Accordeon, Keyboard, Guitars

The Bob Marley in Pauls band

Tony is the cool blend of Bob Marley in Simons band, and also one of the ´monuments´ who tours with him non-stop since 1987. He is the guy playing the famous accordion sounds opening ´The boy in the bubble´ (by that way, his accordion is from Austria - the home of accordion folk music and the best instruments of that kind (Tony Cedras))
Beside the accordion he also plays keyboard and sometimes guitar (especially on the new Surprise songs he plays a lot of electric guitar parts), and he is singin background vocals on many songs.

Although many people do expect it, Tony never appeared on any studio recording by Paul Simon.

Tony Cedras played on the following tour(s)

Graceland 2012 tour

So beautiful... tour

Old Friends in Canada 09/10 tour

Love in Hard times tour

Surprise tour

You're the one Europe tour

Paul/Brian Summer tour

You're the One - Promo tour

Paul/Bob tour

Event of a lifetime tour

Born at the right time tour

Graceland 1989 tour

Graceland 1987 tour