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Phoebe Snow


Norn Phoebe Laub on July 17, 1952 in New York City, Phoebe borrowed her stage name from the Lackawanna Railroad´s passenger train called ´Phoebe Snow´ which ran from Hoboken, NJ to Buffalo, NY.

She is best known to Paul Simon fans because of her vocal appearance on ´Gone at last´. Phoebe is hard to categorize. She sings jazz, pop, rock, soul, gospel--she can do it all. She credits Aretha Franklin as an early influence.

Phoebe snow toured with Paul Simon a few times, in 1975 it was also reported that she was the opening act to him.

She appeared on the following albums:
Still crazy after all these years

Phoebe Snow played on the following tour(s)

Event of a lifetime tour

Still Crazy tour