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Reginald 'Briz' Brisbon

Background Vocals

Briz is the guy you can hear on 'The obvious child' singin the deep background vocals (dooo booooohh). He was not a member of the Born at the right time band, but he appeared at the 'Concert in the park' for the first song. He also sung background vocals for some of the the Capeman songs, a bitter story because 2 years before the album got released Briz died on July 15th 1995.

Briz appeared on the following albums:
Rhythm of the saints
The Capeman

Farewell to ´Briz´
Jimmie Vaughan is no stranger to tragedy, which struck again this weekend, when it was learned that one of Vaughan´s back-up singers, Reginald ´Briz´ Brisbon died suddenly on Saturday in New York. According to Vaughan´s manager Marc Proct, the 38-year-old singer was out in the New York heat all day (´dancin´ and having fun - you know how Briz was´), and upon returning home, complained about a shortness of breath before passing out. Paramedics were called onto the scene, but Brisbon could not be revived. Proct is still waiting for a confirmed cause of death. Brisbon was to have come to Austin in a couple of weeks to begin rehearsals for the B.B. King Blues tour, which Vaughan is set to embark on at the beginning of August with the likes of King and Etta James, and which should roll through Austin in September. Proct´s office also confirms that Soulhat, in Louisiana to record their second Epic album, broke up during the sessions.

Reginald 'Briz' Brisbon played on the following tour(s)

Born at the right time tour