The neck of my Guitar

Mark Stewart

Guitars, Cello, Saxophone, selfmade instruments

´The multi-instrumentalist´

When Paul was forming a new band for his 1999 comeback tour with Bob Dylan he couldn´t have found a better guitar player than Mark Stewart. This guy is one of the outstanding musicians who can play nearly every instrumet. He can play every kind of guitar perfect, rewrote The sound of silence with his cello parts, plays saxophone on the surprise tour and his self made didgeridoo on the last Simon and Garfunkel tour.

On stage you recognize him immediately because of his strange colorful outfit. In Scottland he was even wearing a tradition Kilt. He plays most of the guitar solos and is also singin background vocals on a lot of songs. During rehearsals he also takes Pauls place (when he is not there) and sings lead vocal.
Beside the stage he is open for everyone to have a nice chat with him. His favourite live song is 'Diamonds'. Stewart is one of the most talented musicians around Paul, he also played on the S&G tour. Beside working with Simon he has many other projects - for example a band together with Rob Swimmer named 'Polygraph Lounge', they make a lot of comedy on stage (like you saw during 'Feelin Groovy' on the S&G tour), or their famous song '50 ways to play your noseflute'

Mark appeared on 1 album till today:
You're the one


Mark Stewart played on the following tour(s)

Graceland 2012 tour

So beautiful... tour

Old Friends in Canada 09/10 tour

Love in Hard times tour

Surprise tour

Old Friends II tour

Old Friends tour

You're the one Europe tour

Paul/Brian Summer tour

You're the One - Promo tour

Paul/Bob tour