The neck of my Guitar

Michael Brecker

Saxophone, EWI

Michael Brecker is probably the most respected and imitated jazz saxophonist of the post-Coltrane era. As of 2005, he has won 11 Grammys as both performer and composer. With his brother Randy he formed the group ´Brecker brothers´ - and both of them appeared on the Rhytm of the Saints album.
But Michael made his first appearance on a Paul Simon album in 1975´s grammy winning ´Still crazy after all these years´, and toured a few times with Paul untill the mid-90´s. He is best known together with Paul from the Born at the right time tour, where he even had his famous ´Brecker break´ and played his selfmade Electronical Wind Instrument (EWI)

Michael appeared on the following albums:
Still crazy after all these years
Rhythm of the saints


Michael Brecker played on the following tour(s)

Event of a lifetime tour

Born at the right time tour

Still Crazy tour