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Steve Gadd


┬┤50 ways to play your drums┬┤

Steve Gadd is the longest band member in Paul Simons group, starting to play with him in 1975. Whenever it is possible for Steve he is touring with Paul (he also plays for many other musicians like Eric Clapton or James Taylor). In the drummers world he is known as one of the best living jazz drummers.

His most famous song is '50 ways' because of its really tricky drums. The song was build out of this drum part only, and Paul once said that he does not know any other drummer who can play that lick exactly like Steve, because it is really hard.

Steve also appeared in Pauls movie 'One trick pony' showing his acting talent. He also has his own fans who come to Simon concerts just to see Steve Gadd.

Steve appeared on the following albums.
Still crazy after all these years
One trick pony
Hearts and bones
Rhythm of the Saints
You're the one


Steve's setup for the 1991 tour

Steve Gadd played on the following tour(s)

Surprise tour

You're the one Europe tour

You're the One - Promo tour

Paul/Bob tour

Event of a lifetime tour

Born at the right time tour

Summer Evening tour

One Trick Pony tour

Still Crazy tour