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Tony Levin


Tony Levin is a friend of Steve Gadd with whom he went to school. Steve was also the person who teached Tony to play bass at a higher jazz level. Together with Steve he joined Paul Simons band in 1975 and worked with him for about 5 years. Then he started to tour with Peter Gabriel too and is the main bass player in Gabriels band since that time.

Tony Levin also played the bass player in Paul Simons movie ´One trick pony´, and you can see him in the live video ´Live at the Tower 1980´. His style of bass playing influenced Paul Simons 1980 album ´One trick pony´ immense.

Tony appeared on the following albums:
Still crazy after all these years
One trick pony


Tony Levin played on the following tour(s)

One Trick Pony tour

Still Crazy tour