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Guitar, Winds, Percussion,

Urubamba was the band formed on request by Paul Simon to Joerge Milchberg to reactivate the ´Los Incas´ for his Live Rhymin tour 1973/1974. The played as a back-up on many songs like ´Duncan, The Boxer, El condor pasa,....)

The band members are:
Joerge Milchberg (arranger, charango)
Jorge Cumbo (guitars, winds)
Emilio Arteaga (percussion)
Juan Dalera (flute - 1973)
Uña Ramos (pan flute - 1974)

Paul also produced their album ´Urubamba´ which sadly has never been released on CD. Requests should be made to Paul directly to release it again. You can listen to that album here:
listen to Urubamba

Urubamba only appeared not on any Paul Simon recording, but their former band ´Los Incas´ recorded with him ´El condor pasa´ (Bridge) and ´Duncan (Paul Simon). Urubamba can be heard in their 1973 formation on the Live Rhymin album.

The band does not exist anymore, but their members are all very active till today.

Urubamba played on the following tour(s)

Live Rhymin' tour