The neck of my Guitar

Vincent Nguini


'Effortless music from the Cameroons...'
(Further to fly)

Vincent Nguini is one of Pauls really close friends. He plays in Simons band since the 'Born at the right time tour' in 1991 non-stop. His most famous part is the melodic guitar lick for 'The Coast', which he wrote. Vincent is also the only band member who appeared on all albums since 1991.
He originaly comes from Cameroon, but lived in Paris for many years and since many years now in New York - but Paul always introduces him with: 'From Cameroon...' The famous deep voice starting 'Diamonds' a capella intro also belongs to Vincent. If you have luck then he is wearing traditional colorful African clothes on stage.

Vincent appeared on the following albums:
Rhythm of the saints
The Capeman
You're the one

Vincent Nguini played on the following tour(s)

Graceland 2012 tour

So beautiful... tour

Old Friends in Canada 09/10 tour

Love in Hard times tour

Surprise tour

You're the one Europe tour

Paul/Brian Summer tour

You're the One - Promo tour

Paul/Bob tour

Event of a lifetime tour

Born at the right time tour