The neck of my Guitar

Evan Ziporyn

Clarinet, Saxophone

Evan was only a member of Pauls live band for a very short time, but he was involved in the writing process of You´re the one. As usual Simon was searching for a special sound (Balinese gamelan) and found Evan - who is a friend of Mark Stewart and played together with him in the Band ´Bang in a can´

After the album was released Ziporyn went on tour with Paul for about 2 months in fall 2000, but his main work is not to be a live musician in the 2nd row (as the horn section is not that important in Paul Simons music) so he left the band after that first promotion tour. You can see him playing on the ´You´re the one DVD´

Ziporyn appeared on the following albums:
You´re the one

Evan Ziporyn played on the following tour(s)

You're the One - Promo tour