The neck of my Guitar

Jamey Haddad


Play the Hadgenga

Jamey also is part of the new band Paul formed for the Paul/Bob tour in 1999. He has been playing percussion since that time on all tours (even on the Simon and Garfunkel tours) and also recorded with Paul on Surprise and the new version of ´I do it for your love´, but, sadly, is not personel of the Surprise tour.

Haddad (means ´blacksmith´), is building his own instruments, for example the Hadgenga, and you see him playing these instruments live (if you wonder what instruments you see on the Live from Paris DVD, you now know they are selfmade)

Jamey appeared on the following albums:
You´re the one


Jamey Haddad played on the following tour(s)

Graceland 2012 tour

So beautiful... tour

Old Friends in Canada 09/10 tour

Love in Hard times tour

Old Friends II tour

Old Friends tour

You're the one Europe tour

Paul/Brian Summer tour

You're the One - Promo tour

Paul/Bob tour