The neck of my Guitar

James Taylor inducts Simon and Garfunkel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, and Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel accept awards.

Roy posted this on A.M.P.S - a really good video from that time aera.

Simon & Garfunkel Interview 1983

Simon & Garfunkel talk about their forthcoming tour, Letterman Show: 25 July 1983, Juggling antics and talk of the early days... Enjoy!

Think Too Much (Part 1of4) - Simon and Garfunkel .

Setlist: Think Too Much (Unreleased Album 1983) - Simon and Garfunkel 1) Think Too Much 2) A Heart in New York 3) Hearts and Bones

.Think Too Much (Part 2of4) - Simon and Garfunkel .

Setlist: 4) Train in the Distance 5) Slip Slidin' Away 6) Bright Eyes

Think Too Much (Part 3of4) - Simon and Garfunkel .

Setlist: 7) Song About the Moon 8) The Late Great Johnny Ace 9) Allergies

Think Too Much (Part 4of4) - Simon and Garfunkel .

Setlist: 10) American Tune 11) Cars are Cars 12) One Summer Night 13) Citizen of the Planet End of this unknown album