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Souvenirs, Tickets, Rare Covers

My ROTS LP, signed by most band membersGuest Paff for Rome<br> thanks to Paolo!Guitar plektron Vincent<br> gave me during the<br> Munich showMandy's T-shirt signed<br> by Paul and the bandMy guitar signed by<br> Paul in Montreux
SignatureOur T-shirts<br> I gave mine to BakithiThat's how Tony Cedras<br> spelled my name...Berlin packstage pass<br> and Local Crew passTicket from the 2002 tour : concert in Lucca (Italy)
LP single - Gone at Last Japanese Release Well.. he looks like the japanese musicians today, but the picture is 30 years old :-) It reminds me of the movie 'Lost in translation' when Bill Murray has to visit this japanese TV show. If you know the mTake me to the mardi gras LP (1973)SurpriseSongs for LiveFahter & Daughter single
That's me coverOld concert posterOld concert posterOld concert posterOld concert poster Gerde's Folk Club
Colorado 99Poster1967 concertSaturday night live first 5 yearsOutrageous single
Graceland LP coverConcert in the Park 1991 VHS coverLoves Me Like A Rock single.Loves Me Like A Rock single.
Ticket for the Born at the Right time tour. Note solo performance by Michael Breacker.Ticket from the great concert in Lucca (Italy), July 2002Graceland setlist from bootleg cassette.Paul à Bruxelles le 15 juillet 2008 à Forest national!!!!!
Paul Simon DVD - And Friends - Gershwin prizeOne Trick Pony on DVDHow strange... :-/Cover of the new Paul Simon collectionPhoto of SBOSW tee. (Pantages Theater).
and the back with tour schedule:CP 91Songwriter CollectionLadysmith Black Mambazo - Journey of Dreams DVDA friend got a handwritten letter from Paul