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Paul Bob TourTour Poster 1999Computer GraphicPaul and his neurose?
..hm, when did Picasso die?YTOGraceland PosterSongbook PaintingTarot Card
Funny game : what's wrong about this picture ?a drawing by Dorisa Art Garfunkel drawing by Doris
another PS drawing by DorisAww, Old Friends! ,) (Where's the park bench?)Art's autograph. Drawing made by me.fragment of HIS face-drawing by Fandosh...This picture is supposed to be unfinished because I felt that if I did anymore, I would ruin it. Drawing by Sarah Flaherty. *^_^*
He's the one-He's my biggest inspiration... The sketch of my sketchbook.Drawing by me from the summer 2004.Picture of new DVD by Fandosh. Funny isn't it?:-))Is it Droopy?This sketch remains unfinished. I was inspired to draw Paul and Art's faces using the cover of the ´Live from NYC 1967´ concert CD. The likenesses ain't perfect, but I like this sketch anyway. :)
This is a pencil drawing of Paul I made from a picture in the ´Rhymin' Simon´ sheet music book.Drew in 1978 in Los Angeles.When I was 25 years old.Again from the french forum : typically french and english stamps !The new Album ?The length of a line is important. Paul Simon's hand displays a good example of very long, well-defined Mercury line. The Mercury line reflects his considerable ability to communicate ideas. The line delves deep into the mount of Moon indicating a strong
New CD- just only cover :-)......back page :-)
a drawing by Miroslava S.My attempt on a black&white Paul for a T-shirtAnother try for a b/w shirt.and a 3th try
with shouldersThis one also exists...but it's from a famous pictureshirt1shirt2shirt3
shirt 4ShirtPaul Simon, as seen by the Canadian band ´The Russian Futurists´ for the cover of their single called ´Paul Simon´who would have thought! paul writes!!i drew it when i was 16
i drew it when i was 16Did you know that the icon on the front of the Graceland album is actually part of a strip of paintings?Did you know that the icon on the front of the Graceland album is actually part of a strip of paintings?Beware Arthur, you created a monster!!! ;-)Paul as Barry the Paul Barry life
Gumboot Jive Hits tape