The neck of my Guitar

S&G Tour 2003/2004

Auburn Hills Oct. 18Auburn Hills Look what instrument Mark is playing!Auburn Hills Oct 18 With the Everly BrothersAuburn Hills Oct. 18 2003
Oakland<br><br> Paul, do you really think that this is the best idea..? I sing to the audience behind us and you to the front?...Atlantic cityAtlantic CityMadison Square Garden 12/3also in MSG 12/3
Simon and Gafunkel Tour 2004- in Paris, at the Paris Omnisports (Bercy) absolutely fantastic concert... :)Simon & Garfunkel in Amsterdam Arena - 21 July 2004Amsterdam Arena july 21th 2004Simon and garfunkel Paris 19/07/2004 POPBAmsterdam Arena July 21st 2004
Baltimore 06/14/04Baltimore 06/14/04Rehearsals in RomeRehearsals in RomeRehearsals in Rome 3
More rehearsals in RomeMore rehearsals in RomeEnd of the rehearsals in Rome (31/07/04)These three posters are bout 4.5 ft by 3.5 ft each and were posted on a billboard near the colosseum8:30 am... ~13 hours before the concert.
They held us at different gates... and then released us every once in a while to run like a crazed herd of cattle to the next gate.People waiting behind mePaul is relieved? or tired alreadythe boys, with a pink backgroundpaul talking
Paul talking more (Rome)Paul !smiling! and playing with the Everly brothers (rome)yes... the arms (rome)The end (rome)I am on the big screen in this one!!!! This is my only photo with ´the guys´! :D
Paul smiling and looking very sillyvery pink colosseumPaul and Artie (rome)P&A singing... big screen in the backgroundthe boys again... on the screen is a picture looking out at the huge audience filling the road in front of the colosseum
just paul (rome)paul and art, with a neat star glare on the screen (email me at tanamoril at yahoo dot com if you'd like a bigger copy (2032x1524) of any of these pictures!)Paul getting down low...art is peter pan?stage is all lit up (rome)
pink! blue! colosseum!Larger in real life than on the screen :) (rome)art forgot he was supposed to be performing and wandered off to the side...just paul (rome)paul plays, artie dances
Crowd in Rome 2004 600.000 people ?Paris 2004