The neck of my Guitar

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I know, I know<br> I shouldn't sit for 8 hours<br> in the sunOvious Child videoIsn't he soooooooooooooooooooo cute?The thinking man's pose..Does he look tired here or what. This would be a good ad for Club Med!
Paul with his Montréal Jazz Festival award, July 2006.Singer-songwriter cover 1993Dutch Cover 1987This advert appeared in the British press at the time of the UK tour in November 2006.Paul Simon Opus Collection: This Better Be Good available at Starbucks coffeeshops and starbucks entertainment online.
Harper and Debbie Reynolds at the BBC 4 show, April 2010New book on Paul by one of his most devoted fan, J-C Hilaire. First biography in French !Promo for the 2012 Hyde Park show!Paul shopping in Grafton Street Dublin ahead of his concerts.After car wash,he's ready to rewrite
New Musical Express December 25, 1971 with a handwritten notice to the interviewer Roy Carr from one of the greatest imaginative talents of 20th century. Hopefully 21th too.June 19, 2018
Farewell Tour
Greensboro Coliseum21st of August!