The neck of my Guitar

Simon & Garfunkel

A: Darn! Why did the heavens have to call me when I was performing? P: Be quiet, Angel Boy! Your radiant T-shirt is putting me off as it is! RomeBaltimore 06/14/04Simon & Garfunkel Live Munchen 2004 On CDs DigipackCds Digipack Simon & Garfunkel Live Munchen 2004
Paul and Art and the band in Paris, 1982. But they might as well be Laurel and Hardy since the photo is so badly out of focus... Sorry.Have you noticed that if you cover Paul Simons face on the cover of BOTW from the eyebrows down, Art Garfunkel looks like he has the worlds greatest cossack moustache (from AMPS)September 19, 1981, Central Park in New York City...All the people waiting for Simon & GarfunkelFriends forever...Live from Canada TV, 1965
Everyone said the performance was good, but Art's voice on this evening was particularly ´hair raising´.......Both singing in the dark...Foto firmada por Art GarfunkelCIP81 Souvenir, Here we go.
A List of Stars who have stayed in Barberstown Castle Clane Co Kildare Ireland both Paul and Artie have stayed here! 

Paul will hit the road again in 2013