The neck of my Guitar

Live Tour 2002

Paul with Chokus cellphone and the green lightingMontreux<br> Waiting before the show<br> Mandy, Choku, FumieMontreuxHarper SimonMark, Jay, Tony, Vincent<br> Loves me like a Rock
Montreux<br> Vincent plays 'The Coast'Paul signs my guitar<br> You recognize him on his nose<br> and the double chin ,-)Tony signs Mand's T-ShirtSingin togehter after the show<br> We were waiting at the wrong<br> exit for PaulJean-Christophe Hilaire<br> Stefanie (plays 50 ways)<br> Nicolas, Bodo
Bodo, swiss fan, Fumihe, Nicolas<br> Choku, Stefanie Boden, swiss fan<br> 1th row: Anne-Christine Parr, Mandy<br> Marie-Noell Froment, Carole Mauny,<br> swiss fan, Jean-Christophe HilaireHaving a drink after the show<br> (or was it a fruit salad...stranke<br> drinks)Our Hotel in Montreux<br><br> ..or was it Paul's??..<br> I'm not sure because they<br> have the same look ,-)Pori - Finland<br> Thanks to Kari Jaakonaho for<br> these pictures!Pori
PoriPoriPaul, before the Ahoj show<br> (Netherlands)<br><br> 'He I'm so happy - I have my<br> water bottle and my leather jacket<br> again FrankfurtFrankfurt 2002<br> Kodachrome
Frankfurt<br> Wooow...It was a slow day<br> The sun was beating Frankfurt<br> This is Bakithi, he once said<br> to me 'I can dance better than<br> you' - and now he has to do this<br> crazy danceFrankfurt<br> Loves me like a RockOk, as a honourable captain I'll<br> sink with my ship...
Molde<br><br> '...Vincent, VINCENT!!<br> Why are you lying on the<br> stage?..' Molde<br><br> So, now the girl-groupies can<br> touch my bottom....hello...hellooooPaul arrives at Molde, NorwayHamburg<br><br> ..yes thats typically, the band<br> went away to drink some beer<br> and I have to play alone!!...ok I'm selling 1 cellphone<br> for 20$, 2 phones for 40$, or<br> you can take the whole set, 3 phones<br> for the incredible price of 55$!<br> You save 5$, or buy 2 phones for 55<br> and get one phone free! Whats your bid?
Montreux 2002<br> Playing with a green lightMontreux 2002Paul arrives at Pori in FinlandHamburg<br> Paul with 3 Handys from<br> Rosi, Karin and meOne of the rare pictures where you can see a bit more of Steve Gadd, not the best quality....
paul simon live in stockholm sweden