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Happy Birthday dear Paul!Manfred Albers3 Oct-17 18:39Klausi
 Central Park again Matthias 13 Oct-17 01:41Brenda
New Song About to DropJay4 Oct-14 07:05Han
Happy BirthdayHan4 Oct-13 11:41Lara
Paul’s 80thScaaty7 Oct-11 18:12Bodo
Concert in the Park - 30thmog8 Oct-03 12:38Kodachrome_Hans
New CoverBodo3 Sep-26 04:10Brenda
40 years CP81Michiel2 Sep-19 13:51Håkan
A rarely covered songBodo2 Sep-08 21:56Bodo
Chords and tabulaturesBodo28 Aug-30 06:19Lion
S&G in Central Park tonight?Michiel12 Aug-28 12:47Henk
Paul Simon interview about New York con...Bodo1 Aug-15 22:09Bodo
 2021 New York CP Concert: Paul will perf...Bodo10 Jul-29 12:11Erwin
Picture: 21st of August!Arthur Dent2 Jul-29 08:30Brenda
 New York after CovidKlausi3 Jun-28 06:14Brenda

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