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The Path To GracelandMike4 Jul-31 20:41Mike
 Can anyone help? DannyJ6 Jul-29 13:50DannyJ
What is next?Erwin10 Jul-29 02:13Phil
Video: HomelessBrenda Pugh2 Jul-27 16:02Lara
Picture: Hugh Masekela in 3D. Shot after...Michiel4 Jul-27 15:59Lara
Event of a lifetime tourBjoern4 Jul-26 17:57Bodo
Video: Vietnam - Paul Simon and Jimmy Cl...Sue Ridgway3 Jul-26 13:59Brenda
Video: Kiev performing I can't run but -...Bodo Malo4 Jul-26 11:22Bjoern
 wartime prayersjulie3 Jul-24 20:40SueR
 NEW - What concerts did you attend?Bodo11 Jul-24 15:35Bodo
Why no "myth"?Jimmie3 Jul-23 23:56Matthew
3D Video Paul Simon leaving the stageMichiel1 Jul-23 22:10Michiel
Picture: For the 3D you need these red/c...Michiel1 Jul-23 20:59Michiel
Picture: Paul Simon in 3D in Ziggo Dome;...Michiel1 Jul-23 20:57Michiel
 Graceland Album Charting in the UKBrenda23 Jul-23 20:46Klausi

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