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Bag Colors:
Ive got some real estate here in my bag Buy for
13,90 $

Shirt Colors:
You can see that Im dressed like a schoolboy but I feel like a clown Buy for
19,90 $

Womens T-Shirt Colors:
You have underestimated my power as you shortly will discover Buy for
19,90 $

Womens underwear Colors:
Take your clothes off Adam and Eve Buy for
14,90 $

Baseball Cap Colors:
The boy's got brains - He just don't use 'em, that's all Buy for
16,90 $

Kitchen apron Colors:
From time to time he makes her laugh, she cooks a meal or two Buy for
18,90 $

Baseball cap Colors:
I have a N in my head Buy for
16,90 $

Womens Sweatpants Colors:
I cant run but I can walk much faster than this Buy for
27,90 $
Important notice:
www.paul-simon.info does not produce or ship these T-shirts. They are made by a company named "Spreadshirt", so if you have ANY problems with your shirt or order please contact them! www.paul-simon.info has only provided the 'design' for the shirts.

These are NOT official T-shirts by the Paul Simon merchandising, these shirts are the "Neck of my guitar - Fans shirt", and will help people to find each other at concerts (for example).