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Paul performing at Atlanta
Paul will be performing June 2 2017 at Chastain Park Amphitheatre .Date has been confirmed on his Official FB page. http://music.b 17/02/28/chast ain-park-amphi theatre-2017-l ineup-spotligh ts-paul-simon- sheryl-crow/

Talk with Bakithi
On Februar 4 there is a Q&A with Bakithi Kumalo at Peconic Landing Community Center Auditorium in Greenport. http://www.ham Arts/On-The-Sc reen/22982/Pau l-Simons-Longt ime-Bassist-To -Speak-About.h tml#.WI-RFlUrK Co

Paul Simon not retiring now
Well, it seems sometimes Paul Simon is just testing our nerves. While he made some clear statements to NY times in late June that he thinks about retiring - or taking a very long rest at the age of 74 (which would anyway result in retiring, or can we hope for a comeback at 85?), Paul said in a recent interview before the DNC, that he never said that he will retire now. He just said he was thinking what it would it mean for him to retire, would it changing his perspective and such things. Okay, fine for us. Maybe also some close friends had influence on him, many wrote him letters and called him and said he can not retire. So he didn't... maybe? Good news for us. Here is the full interview. (1 hour) http://podcast xe-files-david -axelrod /episode/all/c MybDhSzsFf7mW/ gzvxqz.1-1.htm l Now lets just hope his voice is still absolute fine and he does not give a *&$%§ on the crazy comments after the performance of Bridge on the DNC.

UK tour planned for later in 2016 - Paul appears on BBC Radio 2
Paul Simon appeared on BBC Radio 2 this morning to talk to Ken Bruce where he revealed he will tour the UK in Autumn (Fall) 2016. He discussed the songs Wristband and Insomniac' ;s Lullaby from the forthcoming Stranger to Stranger album. Both were played including the radio debut for the latter. As well as recalling his time in the UK in the 60s, Paul talked about how this album is an accumulation of all he has learned throughout his career. Ken's last question was: "Are you going to tour the UK?" to which Paul confirmed he would do in the Autumn (Fall) after his US tour saying he hoped the album would last until then.

Live N Late in the . . . .
Available at or Plato (in Holland) release on 22 april 2016, a live album from Paul Simon. EANnr.: 5292317204423. Does anybody knows if this is really a new one or is it already released in the past?

Paul Simon concert Reviews
Cardiff 2016-11-04
Went to see Paul Simon on Friday night 4th November with friends - what a fantastic concert! He played some old and some new tunes, and by the end had everyone dancing. My favourites were Mother and Child Reunion and the Boy in the Bubble. His band were excellent too! We came down from York to see him and all in all excellent value for money. Keep going Paul we love you!! Sent from my iPhone

New York 2016-07-01
The weather was a concern, as there were tornado warnings. I was afraid the show was going to be postponed. But it finally stopped raining and the concert was fantastic. (Although it rained on and off during the show.) It was a great treat to have him add in Bridge at the end.

St. Louis 2016-06-12
The concert was more than I could have imagined...Pau l Simon delivers an amazing performance. He is the greatest in my book and I will always love his poetry and music. I love you Paul Simon! (yeah that was me that screamed it while the crowd was quiet.)


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Berlin 2016 -Setlist, pt 1
Berlin 2016 -Setlist, pt
Berlin 2016 -Setlist, pt 1
Berlin 2016 -Setlist, pt
Paul with his pounamu:)
Paul with his pounamu:)
Stranger to Stranger album cover
Stranger to Stranger albu

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Paul with her mother holding her hand
Paul with her mother hold
Amazing how this house did not change in the last 40 years...
Amazing how this house di
With Dom Chacal and Airto Moreira while the Born at the Right Time tour.
With Dom Chacal and Airto
Carrie and Paul with a lady who seems to be Princess Margaret. It must be her because Paul and Carrie are a little stiff (she is a real princess after all) and it is well known that Margaret liked hanging out (but also drinking, taking drugs and f.cking)
Carrie and Paul with a la
The 10 last concerts by Paul Simon

Dublin - Ireland Nov 21, 2016

Madrid - Spain Nov 18, 2016
Barclaycard Center

Bizkaia - Spain Nov 17, 2016
Bilbao Exhibition Centre

Zürich - Switzerland Nov 15, 2016

Paris - France Nov 14, 2016
Palais des Congres

Nottingham - United Kingdom Nov 12, 2016
Motorpoint Arena

Manchester - United Kingdom Nov 10, 2016
O2 Apollo

London - United Kingdom Nov 8, 2016
Royal Albert Hall

London - United Kingdom Nov 7, 2016
Royal Albert Hall

Cardiff - United Kingdom Nov 4, 2016
Motorpoint Arena

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Paul Simon

... We all will be received in Graceland

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