The neck of my Guitar

Paul Simon

... We all will be received in Graceland

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Campaign for the 1991 Paul Simon Concert in the Park to be released on DVD and Blue-Ray

At #1000 we share a video of it. Use send to ask other fans for support.
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Paul performing at Michael Brecker benefit concert from Bodo
Paul Simon to help write biography about himself from Erwin
Paul at Everly Tribute - Rolling Stone article from Bodo

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Paul Simon and Sting: Still crazy after al from Ildikó Gomb
Remembering Days of Miracle and Wonder 13 from Brenda
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Norwich - 1965-00-0
by Ed Bussey


James Smith
from UK - South East

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Brenda: Erwin, Heart and Bones was dropped,Mystery Train ... English
Brenda: Not too sure on the accuracy of the set list. Hear... English
Peggyolitta: France
Nath: France

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