STOP #Article 13 and Upload-Filters in the EUROPEAN UNION


Today will be offline.
This is how your INTERNET will look like, if our EU-Parliament will vote for Article 13 on March 26, 2019.
Many small websites will close forever

WHAT can you DO against article 13?
Can you do something at all?


  1. Call the EU-parliament members of YOUR country and tell them to change their mind. This site will guide you:
    It is easy, they have offices, a secretary, they are friendly and listen (it is just important that they hear their is protest, you will not change their mind, and they usually do not understand the effects of the law: Most of them do not have time to read ALL the laws, they vote how their party decided to vote!)

  2. Go on the street! March 23, 2019 is European wide PROTEST day against Article 13 and 11. See all dates:



Small and independed websites can not afford to buy a "general licences" for all possible materials from licence holders worldwide or EU-wide. And small websites can not filter all uploads before they appear on this website. But this is what Article 13 and the new EU Copyright reform will ask EVERY website to do. For sure, politicians always ONLY talk about "we want the big companies like youtube to pay". But the fact is, that the law is written to affect every website. There is no exception for "small websites", "fan forums", "websites which do not make thousands of profit". There is 1 exception that says websites younger than 3 years do not have to apply and buy filters. This website is 20 years old.

I will not risk getting sued by an attorney, because I have the full risk for EVERY upload then. I am not going into court. And in Germany they have a system that allows every attorney to send a letter to ask for money or they will sue you. Good profit model for them. They usually ask for around 2000 USD per letter. (I am really not joking! google "Abmahnung")

Every picture that you upload on could possible destroy the whole page and cost (me alone) a lot of money.

I understand that this does not affect you. The EU politicians say: This gives more safety to all users, because they can now upload EVERYTHING without any risk. Sure you can. But not on this website and not on my risk. You can still use Facebook of course, cause Facebook will have the licence. So if you prefer a Internet with only 5 companies, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Ebay and co., then you are fine. Internet will be taken over by those big players alone.

In 20 years we never had any copyright problem, mainly because a) Paul Simons office did not want to destroy small fan-forums and b) We did not share any commercial available content. But we have a lot of pictures here, some older than 30 years, that I have to delete. And as I do not have the time to browse trough all pictures, I will simply delete all of them, cause I do not know who is the real copyright holder. Als I have to delete all news articles, all news (Some include parts from other websites) and also all lyrics that come together with guitar chords. Still I have the risk that someone could post a newspaper article in the forum, so maybe we have to reduce the forum to a maximum of 200 chars messages (like twitter). I see no sence in doing all of that, to have a castrated website in the end. Nor do I want to spend the time on doing that. So better delete it. That makes it safer.

This is/was the last Paul Simon fan website that existed from 1999 until 2019. 20 Years of free internet.

Lets remember some other pages, 1 or 2 still exist:

Lasers in the Jungle
The sound of Simon
The cool River
Paul Simon web
> The Dreamer of Music
Song for the asking
Simply Simon

That was a good time back in the years 1999-2002

EU Copyright = THE END of diversity on the Internet (at least in Europe)