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HeadlineUpload Filters. End of website

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Mar-26-2019, 14:42 GMT

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Today EU voted for Upload Filters.
IT now might Take 6 months Up to 2 years until the law will BE installed.

AS I have No Idea what will come (the law so far hast No exception for unknown small Websites) there are 2 Options:

Page will move into the darknet (that Just means Nobody will know WHO runs the Page). But this also costs money. More than the 25 USD that come from some adds a month.

2) Page will Close in the next 2 years.

The Option to wait and See WHO will sue meine ist Not a good one.

We had Out fun in the Internet. IT IS time that only Facebook and Google are able to tun Websites....

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Mar-26-2019, 15:03 GMT
USA - United Staates America

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Isn't it possible to place the website outside of EU somewhere?

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Mar-30-2019, 01:02 GMT

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Hi Bodo. It would be a real shame if this site were to go. I know there hasnít much activity lately, but I visit almost every day and itís only that Iíve to log in that stops me adding something.

One thing I was going to post: itís now 6!mths since that last concert in Queens- I am so happy that we went, it was well worth every cent!!it was as you said at the time Bodo a faultless performance and the location close to where Paul Simon grew up added an extra dimension to it.
For those who have BBC 4 classic album Graceland is on at the moment!
Iíd prefer not to join Facebook so is there anyway of saving the site?

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Mar-31-2019, 11:16 GMT

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I didn't post much, but was here from the beginning. There wasn't even a good official Paul Simon Website then. This one was the only information you were able to get.....

It seems everyone moved to facebook..... I still like this website. Come here every day.

Whatever happens in the future: Thank you, Bodo.

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Apr-25-2019, 02:45 GMT

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That's really sad Bodo, this website was the highlight of my teenage years and thanks to it I've made such wonderful friends who I'm still in touch with today. It has such a wealth of amazing content. Not really sure what the rules are about but maybe we could get a Patreon going to help you with costs of moving the site to the dark net? Or failing that moving the community to FB would still be nice, I don't visit much anymore but it still feels like a family to see all the familiar names :)

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Apr-25-2019, 02:46 GMT

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And yes, thank you for everything :)

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